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A call for all residents of Addis Ababa and Gidole to come out in full force (Eng. Gizachew Siferaw, chairman of UDJ)

Greetings !

My name is Gizachew Shiferaw. I am the chairperson of one of the major opposition party in Ethiopia, the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ). The UDJ is a legally registered and peaceful opposition party that operates in all regions of Ethiopia.

We are against no-one but for Ethiopia. Our goal and objective is to see a prosperous, democratic and united Ethiopia where all its children are equal under the law, regardless of their religion, gender, ethnicity and income. Our politics is the politics of ethiopiawinet, tolerance, love and inclusiveness.

The lack of transparency, accountability , competency and good governance from the part of the government, the misguided land policy that led to the expulsion of  Ethiopians from their homes and their farms, the ever growing human right abuses , the arrest  of reporters, students, peaceful political activists, the economic hardship have become unbearable.

The people deserve more from their government. We believe the people at large must refuse to accept the status quo, demand change and hold accountable authorities.

To provide platform for the people to make its voice heard, on May 4 2006, the UDJ has called massive demonstrations, already recognized by authorities, in the great city of Addis Ababa and the proud town of Derashe/Gidole, in the southern region.

I call for all residents of Addis Ababa and Gidole to come out in full force and express their discontent. Freedom is not free. We cannot get freedom from others. Let us reclaim our freedom ourselves. Let us be counted on. Each one of us may be an ordinary person. However the millions of ordinary people will have a power that is unshakable. Let us be one of the millions.

May God bless you!

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