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An Open Letter to PM Abiy: Neither Kronos nor Zeus is a Good Role Model for You

Yonas Biru, PhD

In Greek mythology, Kronos is one of the worst Greek gods. He was cruel to his wife and children. Fearing that his children would one day grow up and overthrow him, he swallowed them as soon as they were born. His wife successfully concocted a plan to save their last child, Zeus.

She supplied Kronos with potent alcohol until he was drunk. When he woke up, she convinced him that he had swallowed the newborn when he was drunk. She saved Zeus and sent him to an island, Crete. Zeus grew up in Crete and returned to avenge his father. He overthrew his father and anointed himself as the new god in his stead.

Sadly, Zeus developed fear that his wife may one day conspire with their yet to be born children to overthrow him. To avoid such a future threat, he swallowed his wife whole!

Dear PM Abiy:

Having swallowed Lemma Megersa, Jawar Mohammed, and the likes of Merera Gudina, you have now made yourself the undisputed Oromummaa god. Outside of your tribal kingdom, you have swallowed Amhara PP and TPLF. They have declared their allegiance to you. Their leaders do not even pee without permission from the Oromummaa god. You are now tiring to swallow Ethiopia whole.

Remember that those who tried to swallow Ethiopia whole have perished. If Benito Mussolini, with his top Generals Rodolfo Graziani and Pietro Badoglio, failed to do it, you sure cannot make it happen with a Field Marshal of retreat (Berhanu Julla) and Oromummaa demigod wannabe (Shimeles Abdissa).

Dear Prime Minister:

Your strategy to hang the threat of genocide over Ethiopia to stay in power is a futile gamble. Ethiopia is not Rwanda. It is one of the most strategic lands in the world. The world will not stand idle as you push such a nation into a genocidal civil war. The US has enough military force in Djibouti. The world is closely monitoring the situation. If it tips toward a genocidal war, they will send troops to take you out dead or alive.

Remember June 2021, when TPLF was marching towards Addis Ababa. The US believed allowing TPLF in Addis was a recipe for a genocidal civil war. Their only interest in sending US troops was to stop the TPLF from entering Addis Ababa. Sadly, the idiot Amhara intellectuals at home and in the diaspora were መጃጃልing, claiming Biden was preparing to join the war theater to bring TPLF back to power. How can an entire intellectual class be this stupid I do not understand?

You are lucky that you are still in office despite your repeated reckless actions. The only reason is because there is no party or coalition that has won the support and confidence of Ethiopians and the international community. Remember you were ushered into office with help from the international community, after the TPLF led government proved destabilizing. You are existing in borrowed time.

The purpose of this open letter is to advise you that your gamble will not help you to swallow Ethiopia whole. It will ensure your demise.

Do two things: (1) Stop the war because you will never win, and (2) get rid of your evangelical ጠንቁዋዮች out of your palace. Their “God Showed Me You Will Win” and “God Told Me You Will Prevail” prophecies are utter lies. God does not advise anyone to go to war. Your evangelical ጠንቁዋዮች are the sources of your demise.

KaTefahu Yqrta

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to PM Abiy: Neither Kronos nor Zeus is a Good Role Model for You”

  1. Dr Yonas, your analogy comparing Abiy to Greek gods is wonderful!
    Abiy consistently engages in deceptive behavior with a deliberate intent to manipulate and mislead others. He has effectively employed his deceptive skills to charm many Ethiopians and even influence the Nobel Peace Prize committee. His conduct often appears sadistic, deriving pleasure from the suffering and humiliation of others. Despite preaching through the concept of “medemer” his actions demonstrate extreme exclusion, such as his official declaration that Addis Ababa belongs exclusively to the Oromo people. Abiy’s behavior is despicable!
    Those who fail to recognize by the dangers of Abiy’s deceitful actions to create division among innocent -poor Ethiopian people require medical attention.
    Abiy’s recent communication with different regions demonstrates his divisive tactics, causing tensions over Welkait’s status.
    To the Amharas he cited concerns about potential border issues with Sudan to justify not transferring it to Tigray, and similarly, to Tigray people he expressed fears of conflicts with Eritrea to withhold it from the Amharas. To the Oromo population, he pledged that Welkait would remain under Oromo PP/governance until an Oromia empire is established.
    Those who still fail to recognize by now the dangers of Abiy’s deceitful actions to create division may require medical attention.
    Kudos to the Tigray intellectuals who are perceiving his tactics, recognizing that he isn’t sincerely tackling the problem but exploiting it to sow hostility.
    Amhara intellectuals including Oromos, whether abroad or in their homeland, who stand with him and unquestionably supported the deceitful Abiy, as evident in your #nomore campaign, should awaken to the reality. Don’t fall prey to Abiy’s divisive tactic.

    Enough is enough! Ethiopian politicians (Tigray, Amhara Oromo, Somalia, south and others), remain vigilant!
    Don’t fall prey to Abiy’s divisive tactic!

  2. “Ethiopia is not Rwanda. It is one of the most strategic lands in the world. The world will not stand idle as you push such a nation into a genocidal civil war. The US has enough military force in Djibouti. The world is closely monitoring the situation. If it tips toward a genocidal war, they will send troops to take you out dead or alive.”

    Spoken like the most brain-washed african intellectual that ever existed! To claim that the west has any interest to stop a grand genocide that was devised, formulated and concocted by itself is the stupidest statement that a so-called intellectual can make. Who created, nurtured and empowered the TPLF and other tribal fascists? Who is the originator of Great Somalia, Great Oromia, Great Tigray (Tigray-Tigrign) concepts meant to fragment and disintegrate the entire East African polity? Who financed TPLF to unprecedented levels until an entire generation of Ethiopians were raised in the tribal mold that we see today?
    All the signs and data so far indicate that the so called international community and the powers that preside over global affairs today, have been waiting too eagerly for this moment. Ethiopia is not Rwanda yet partly because of the stronger historic, religious and cultural fabric that hold its people together.

    The only thing western armies would do when the Gerand Ethiopian Genocide that they actively brewed and eagerly wait for unfolds is to vie for VIP seating. Sorry to put it roughly like this but we are talking about an international crime that is unfolding before our very eyes – wherein the evidence lacks for any genuine western concern. Contrarily, al they had done so far is to aid and enable the perpetrators of Amhara genocide and to stifle the news of the plight of the Amhara.
    Already, an artificial famine has been designed by these forces and their lackey, Abiy Ahmed. They are financing the regime even as it is moving in an undisguised military campaign to destroy the Amhara people and their livelihood.
    This unGodly act is contrary to all the values they profess to uphold.
    Appeasement has never helped mitigate the crimes of atrocious groups and it would not help here. They should be told that their role in this genocide is being fully understood.

    The stakes are high and this is no time for rubber nosing or window dressing.

  3. Hi Dr. Yonas,

    It’s Dr. Abay here. I’m disappointed that you did not use my right title – Dr. Next to your name, I see PhD. Is there any problem with my PhD that you don’t put it? Damn!!! “የእናቴ ቅል አንኳ ማንጠልመያ አለው” I prescribe to you to watch ENA everyday.

    You’ve sent to me letters some “open” and some “closed”. I’ve replied to you taking time from my busy schedule, but you’ve not taken any action as I suggested. I need you as an adviser in economic matters at a ministerial capacity. My offer which was made two years ago still stands. Just call.

    I like the way you castigate Fanno as Amara Shenne first and then a “movement” without a political compass which is likely to end up being War lord. I think you should keep pounding them in that line to sustain Orommuumma. I know you’ve a soft heart for Orommuumma despite pretentions.

    Kepp the good job. You know well that Kronos nor Zeus metaphor does not apply to me.

    Be as it may, please drop the word “tribe” from anything you write or say. It’s digusting.

  4. Thank you Mesay Mekonen of Anchor media for your interview with Dr. Yonas Birru the video of which is available on youtube (Oct. 11) under the title ” የአብይ አህመድ የስልጣን እድሜ የሚያጥረውና የሚረዝመው የፋኖ ትግል ከፖለቲካ አንጻር በሚኖረው ስኬት ነው”

    Though painful, I followed the entire intererview. One critical question I was waiting, Mesay raised it at hour 1: 24. It goes like this: “… have you (Dr. Yonas) ever tried to share you opinion (by phone or other means) with people who think diffently from you before you write or speak in what can be characterized as highly critical ? “. Dr. Yonas’ answer was “NO”. That spoke volumes to me.

    While elaborating on his “NO” answer, Dr. Yonas said he talks to nobody and has no reason to do so. In what appears a sign of arrogance to me, he added he writes his opinion openly. Said stuff about Ethiopian intellectuals, political culture, and all.

    At the end of the interview, I realised that Dr. Yonas has no interest to be engaged in the Fanno movement or even in anything Ethiopian in a practical sense. He just likes to write and speak for writing and speaking sake. He calls himself analyst.

    I have read most of Dr. Yonas’ write ups and heard his interviews, but a person who has no position on any political issue in the country (except to criticise, humiliate and undermine) is not worth my time. From now on, Dr. Yonas is out of my to read or to listen list.

    My question to Mesay is why give a forum to Dr. Yonas to undermine people working so hard including paying in their lives to end genocide,war crimes, crimes against humanity in Amara region? To add insult on injury, he calls names which has no practical purpose to render except to undermine the Amara struggle. No wonder some think very low of him.

    Dr. Yonas can better use his time and energy to make money as “analyst” for NGOs and governments. I feel he’s wasting valuable resource in his hands.

    Mesay! Keep the good job.

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