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Amnesty International recent report on Ethiopia: why now?

The Amhara people must come to terms to the glaring fact that the neocolonial west, led by none other than the English, is their permanent, mortal enemy and, therefore, must deal with anything and everything coming out of the west based on this very obvious truth.  The recent anti-Amhara report of the England based Amnesty International (a tool for promoting western neocolonial agenda under the guise of human rights) is no exception.

Ever since the victory of Adwa in 1896, the west’s objective has always been to make the proud Amhara completely irrelevant in Ethiopian politics so as to control the country via Tigre and Oromo tribalist elites who have strong propensity to be subservient to the Whiteman.  It is now on the verge of achieving its long-sought anti-Amhara objective, thanks to its OLF puppet Abiy Ahmed, who not only continued the horrifying plight of Amharas under TPLF but also made it much more horrendous.  As such, the west will leave no stone unturned to protect Abiy Ahmed’s regime form patriotic Amharas.

One way to do so is to shame and scare Amharas by implicating them of war crimes solely fabricated from hearsay and innuendo.  This and only this is the reason for the recent (and all previous) anti-Amhara reports of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, not to mention similar statements by the US state department as well as “Tigray genocide” fake news by BBC and CNN.   It is no coincidence that these concocted reports, statements, and fake news always come out whenever Amhara opposition to Abiy Ahmed starts to show the faintest sign of gaining momentum.

The recent anti-Fano report of Amnesty International is no doubt in response to the defeat of Abiy Ahmed’s OLF invading force by the Fano of Eastern Shoa.   More importantly, it is in response to the anticipated huge Amhara opposition to the soon-to-be announced US sponsored agreement between Abiy Ahmed and Debretsion to scramble the Amhara region.

Over and above its age-old anti-Amhara agenda, the west is now very indignant that Amharas celebrated Adwa with Russian flag, that the Russian Ambassador visited the Amhara region, and that there is a good chance that Fano volunteers may fight neocolonialists of the west alongside Russia.  It is itching to bomb the hell out of Amhara region under the pretext of ethnic cleansing, al la Serbia.  Amnesty International and its likes are doing nothing but preparing the ground for that eventuality.


Mesfin Arega

2 thoughts on “Amnesty International recent report on Ethiopia: why now?”

  1. You say “The Amhara people must come to terms to [sic] the glaring fact that the neocolonial west (sic), led by none other than the English, is their permanent, mortal enemy and, therefore, must deal with anything and everything coming out of the west based on this very obvious truth.” I hope you are not planning to raise an army to raid and colonize the West!

    You also say “Tigre and Oromo tribalist elites who have strong propensity to be subservient to the Whiteman.” You have no clue what you are talking about. Did you ever know about Battle of Adwa where Menilik and his Oromo and Tigre generals beat the crap out of Italian fascists?

    I am afraid you are punching above your weight in the former ጒራ ቡፋ and lying ቱልቱላ ዘረኛ in the latter.

  2. Amnesty International’s Sugar-coated poison.

    Yes, the report has a lot of sugar in it. It admits the fact that the area was annexed by TPLF after TPLF became the government of Ethiopia. It also admits that TPLF forces massacred a great number of Amhara in Welkait once it lost power. It also exposes some atrocities committed by government affiliated forces against ethnic Tigrayans in the area. In addition it calls for an independent investigation of atrocities committed by the various combatants in the Welkait area.
    It has been evident that a hybrid-war campaign against the Ethiopian people is underway. While the Ethiopian governing parties, current and past (TPLF), have committed innumerable atrocities against innocent citizens residing in various parts of the country, the report is a thinly guised effort to rob the freedom of the formerly enslaved Amhara and pave the way for their re-enslavement. It is part of the shameful attempt to reward the TPLF for its decades of ethnic cleansing of the Amhara, settlement in Welkait (Semen Gondar) of hundreds of thousands of Tigrayans and its forced annexation and renaming of the region as “Western Tigray”.
    This vicious attempt to re-enslave Northern Gondar Amhara (Welkait) is driven by two reasons. The first one is to dismember Ethiopia; the TPLF could only call for secession if it claims some degree of viability using this fertile Amahra land. The second one, and the main reason we see agents of the US Military industrial complex hard at work in the background, is that TPLF has billions of dollars and gold stashed away in banks all over the world and they want to open a corridor to bring in purchased weapons. So, in the name of humanitarian report, it is the war peddlers that are busy at work. Their recommendations will only bring a humanitarian crisis of unheard dimensions.
    It has become terribly clear that the only people that could protect the Amhara are the Amhara themselves. Hoping and waiting for the Ethiopian government to shoulder this duty has cost the Amhara a dear price. Their women were gang raped, their institutions were looted, and even their household goods were pillaged. Many youth have been summarily executed and many innocent members of farming villages massacred, buried in mass graves or left dead for hyenas and vultures to feast on their bodies.
    While the TPLF was busy with this atrocities, the government had withdrawn its forces past the Amhara regions to the border areas and was busy with election related pomp and festivities. Following this total failure of the government to protect citizens from a war that itself started with the TPLF, the Amhara revived the age-old self-preservation, self-defense institution of Fanno and helped reverse the invasion of the TPLF. Despite making desperate calls of help previously, the government refused to let Fanno operate independently and imposed great restrictions on its mobility and deployment. It also refused to arm Fanno, leaving Fanno fighters to their own devices. When it comes to destroying the Amhara entirely, Fanno has stood in the way of the Ethiopian government, TPLF and their international backers.
    They all seem to have found a common cause in attacking this institution that has been the only one to come to the aid of the Amhara who have carried the burnt of the war started by the former Ethiopian government (TPLF) and the new one (OPDO controlled PP). As PP is a fanatic adherent of TPLFs visions for Ethiopia, it is no wonder that, with the exception of their competition for governmental power, PP fights to continue the legacy of the TPLF government it inherited.

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