Rights groups’ report denies justice to TPLF’s atrocities victims


The joint report of Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International (AI) on war crimes and crimes against humanity around Welkait has aimed to deny justice to the victims of the terrorist TPLF’s atrocities, according to the latest statement of Amhara state.

Meanwhile, the state also asked the two organizations to reconsider their sources as the interviewees in the report are members of the informal paramilitary group accused by the government of committing a massacre in Mai Kadra.

Last Sunday, Amhara state issued a statement regarding the recent joint report by HRW and AI and accused the two organizations of publishing false accusations that do not play a positive role in preventing violations of human rights.

The statement further stated that, the joint report was aimed at denying justice to the people of Amhara who have suffered human rights violations, genocide, and war crimes, and diminishing the commitment of Amhara people in protecting the nation’s sovereignty.

According to the statement, for independent bodies who know the facts on the ground, to the people of Amhara state, and the wider Ethiopian public, the report has three goals: breaking the alliance between government officials and security forces, denying justice to victims of terrorist group’s atrocities, and devaluating previous reports regarding the issue.

Regarding the 427 interviewees included in the report, who are allegedly victims of ethnic cleansing, the statement indicated that the interviewees from refugee camps are in fact members of the informal paramilitary group accused by the government of committing a massacre in Mai Kadra in November 2020.

Ethnic Tigray people who believe in the lasting brotherhood of people despite regime changes still live in the Amhara state which is under the rule of the Amhara state that is accused of displacing them, according to the statement.

The statement further stated that, the report devalues the investigation by the African Union Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, as well as the joint report by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission.

The statement also said that, the fact that this report came out at a time when both the state and federal governments are working hard to end the conflict and ensure humanitarian access is an open immoral attack on humanity.

It was also stated that, the HRW and AI showed political affiliation which indicates hijacking human rights. They have betrayed the cause they stand for by sharing the political stand of a designated terrorist group.

Meanwhile, Speaking to Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Ambassador Dina Mufti said that, it is not appropriate to issue such unbalanced and biased reports at this time when the Ethiopian government promised to an investigation into human rights abuses and then to take appropriate measures.

As to him, the so-called “human rights organizations” can say whatever they want. However, Ambassador Dina opined, what is expected from the Ethiopian government is continuing its commitment to human rights protection and taking proper actions if there are groups or individuals who committed human rights abuses.

The Ethiopian Herald April 12/2022

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