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Amhara Prosperity Party Showcases North American Tour First Propaganda Photo

The utilization of inexpensive propaganda tactics during the North American tour of the Amhara Prosperity Party has sparked intense criticism. Abiy Ahmed, known for his divisive rhetoric towards the Amhara community, is believed to be exploiting this tour as a means to advance his personal agenda.

Through the distribution of propaganda materials throughout their North American tour, the Amhara Prosperity Party actively engages with the diaspora community in order to promote its objectives. This calculated maneuver to showcase their initiatives and messaging to a wider audience holds the potential to significantly influence public perception and potentially garner support for the party among Amhara communities residing abroad.

Abiy Ahmed’s controversial behavior and communication style have had negative impacts on the Ethiopian society, causing significant concerns about his motives and branding him as a troublemaker. The partnership between the Amhara Prosperity Party and Abiy Ahmed’s Orommmuma Prosperity Party is being exploited by Abiy Ahmed’s Orommmuma Property Party to gain power and advance their political agenda, without considering the welfare of the Amhara people. The actions and rhetoric of political figures such as Abiy Ahmed can significantly shape public opinions and impact decision-making processes.

Abiy Ahmed’s recent political tactics emphasize the ambiguity of political alliances and maneuvers, notably his dealings with his former superiors and mentors in the TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front) after losing the support of the Amhara people.

2 thoughts on “Amhara Prosperity Party Showcases North American Tour First Propaganda Photo”

  1. The Amhara filial of Abiy Ahmed’s Orommmuma Prosperity Party is no more operational in the region. Losing the Amhara region, Abiy Ahmed has turned to his former bosses and mentors TPLF. His political maneuvering will not pay off as the TPLF is not trustworthy.

  2. Izih bemeTubet biqeru yishalachewal. Behulet bekul meqabir afun kefto iyeTebeqachew new. Lenisiham bihon nefsachewun besidet biyaqoyu yibejachewalinna, temliso yebase kemegmamat iskahun yaderesutin bedel asibew ye Abiy Ahmed gejera ijeta kemehon rasachewun gelel biyadergu, ke fannom meqseft biterfu melkam agaTami new. Abiy indehone gedel gefto new yemiChemirachew.

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