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Amhara Bank SC Open for Business With 72 Branches

June 18, 2022

Amhara Bank SC has officially launched its operations today. The inauguration ceremony of Amhara Bank SC was held at the Bank’s headquarters in Legehar today.The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Governor of the National Bank, Dr. Yinager Dessie, the Speaker of the House of Federation, Agenehu Teshager, the Chief of the Amhara Regional State, Dr. Yilkal Kefale, various government officials and invited guests.

During its official launch date Amhara Bank opened 72 branches. The Chief Executive of the Amhara Region, Dr. Yilkal Kefale, conveyed his congratulations to the organizers and founders of the Bank as well as to those who contributed to the realization of the Bank. He said he believes the bank will do a better job of mobilizing international and national experiences in the financial sector in connection with the country’s transformation. He said the bank will play its role in accelerating the development of the country and its citizens by being inclusive and competitive.

Melaku Fenta, Chairman of the Board of the Bank, said Amhara Bank has gained 185,000 shareholders in its one-year and three-month share sale. He said 6.5 billion birr has been signed and 5.9 billion birr has been paid up. As part of its inauguration programme the bank bank will open a savings account of 2000 Birr for newborns today.

Bank of Amhara
List of 72 branches!
Addis Ababa Branches
1. Addisu Gebeya
2. Adwa Bridge
3. 4 Kilo
4. Ayat Square
5. Beqelo Bet
6. Bole 24
7. Bole Bulbula
8. Bole Medhanialem
9. Bole Michael
10. Commerce
11. Dubai Tera
12. Ehil Berenda
13. Ferensay Legasyon
14. Gojjam Berenda
15. Gotera
16. Hannah Mariam
17. Jemo
18. Lafto
19. Lem Hotel
20. Lideta
21. Sarbet
22. Shema Tera
23. Tor Hailoch
24. Legehar (Headquarters)
Branches of Bahir Dar
1. Bahir Dar
2. Dej Azmach Belay Zeleke
3. Dengel
4. Fasilo
5. Gion
6. Shembet
7. Zenbaba
Gondar branches
1. Gondar
2. Abba Samuel
3. Arada
4. Maraki
5. Atse Fasildes
Dessie branches
1. Dessie
Debre Tabor branches
1. Debre Tabor
2. Guna
Branches of Debarkus
1. Debre Markos
2. Menqorer
Branches of other cities
1. Genda Wuha
2. Shoa Robit
3. Hosanna
5. Yirgalem
6. Dabat
7. Hayq
8. Dangla
9. Bichna
10. Dansha
11. Waliso
12. Debre Berhan
13. Finote Selam
14. Areti
15. Kombolcha
16. Hawassa
17. Loggia
18. Kemise
19. Mekanesalam
20. Motta
21. Maksegno
22. Debrework
23. Merawi
24. Dejen
25. Sekota
26. Woldia
27. Wolkite
28. Dire Dawa
29. Adama
30. Injibara

Amhara Bank, Beyond the Bank!

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  1. How are you?
    I am from Hawssa, Sidama & want to be your member & want to have credit to be realized in short period of time from Yirgalem Brach.
    Would you guide me with respect to the preconditions that I need to fulfill & support me likewise?
    Many thanks.

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