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Afar People facing multiple catastrophic situations in the Region!

Statement of Afar UGUUGUMO Q. A. R.D. SAMARA

Afar People facing multiple catastrophic situations in the Region! Date: 28/07/2021

Ref: 0042/ARP/21

On 18/07/2021, the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) invaded the Afar Region occupying four districts in Fanti-Rasu (zone 4). The main objective of TPLF invasion of Afar Region was not only to create conditions for ceasefire negotiations with the Ethiopian government by taking control over the strategic high road linking Addis Ababa to Djibouti and Assab as they claimed, but the real motive behind their invasion is to forcibly occupy Afar forcibly occupy Afar Region by killing anyone who dares to resist, dissolving the existing regional authority by establishing interim administration that is loyal to them as they did in 1991, when they organised Afar Democratic Organisation (ADO) or (QAADE), and finally to gain full control over the Afar land.

Afar UGUUGUMO strongly condemns in the strongest possible terms, the deliberate and planned invasion of the Afar Region and the intentional and indiscriminate attacks on civilians by the TPLF, which reportedly killed and wounded many civilians, including children, women, and the elderly. The deliberate targeting of Afar civilians has already led to serious and widespread human rights violations, the crime of starvation and displacement that might constitute crimes against humanity. TPLF has not only violated international humanitarian law and basic human rights but also destroyed the good neighbourliness and cooperation that existed between the two People. Such wrongful action of TPLF against the Afar People is clear proof of TPLF’s blatant disrespect for the Afar People. In the last 28 years, the Afar people had been marginalised and denied basic rights including a genuine self-rule. It has to be noted that many Tigrian civilians escaping the war zone sought refuge in the Afar Region where they have been welcomed and supported.

The Afars thought TPLF would ask pardon for all their misdeeds against the Afar people and pave way for a new pact among the two peoples. If the TPLF leadership think they can use the roads in Afarland ether to Red Sea or to the central Ethiopia it must be still led by leaders like Ato. Abay Weldu and not Gen.Tsadkan Gebretensae.

On the other, the Afar people are facing territorial expansionist war led by Djibouti-Issa mercenaries, Somali Regional State, and proscribed terrorist groups, such as ONLF and Al Shabab to forcibly occupy Afar land with the objective of controlling the Awash River and the strategic main highway connecting Addis Ababa with ports of Djibouti and Assab. These forces have now intensified their attacks on the Afar people with the objective of exploiting the situation as Afars are currently engaged with defending themselves against the TPLF invading forces.


Afar UGUUGUMO consequently: –

  • urgesthe Afar people to defend their land, their integrity and freedom by all means necessary.
  • callson the TPLF to immediately and unconditionally stop the war against Afar, end occupation and withdraw its forces from Afar Region, and seek a peaceful political solution to end the crisis.
  • callsupon the Government of Ethiopia to discharge its responsibility and protect Afar civilians against the planned and deliberate massacres and gross violations of human rights by TPLF.
  • callsthe peace-loving peoples of Ethiopia, political parties, and civil societies to call on the TPLF to immediately stop its aggression against the Afar People.


  • callsupon the international community to act immediately to stop TPLF aggression against the Afar people, withdraw its forces from the Afar Region immediately and unconditionally.
  • We believe that the deteriorating situation in Ethiopia not only matters to us but also matters to the whole world.
  • callson the international community to send an Independent International Fact-finding Mission to the Afar Region of Ethiopia to establish the facts and circumstances of the alleged crimes, serious violations, and abuses of human rights committed, and hold perpetrators to account.
  • appealsto the international community, all relevant humanitarian organisations, and governments to provide the urgently needed humanitarian assistance to the Afar civilians affected by the TPLF invasion of Afar Region.


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