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Intense Fighting In Amhara As Ethiopia’s War Rages

images 191 1Intense fighting is being reported in Ethiopia’s Amhara region – the latest sign that the war in Tigray is spreading to neighbouring regions.

Officials in Amhara said federal soldiers as well as Amhara regional troops had been involved in the fighting against rebels of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

It comes as regions continue to mobilise forces to fight against the TPLF.

Despite this, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s spokesperson said a unilateral ceasefire declared last month had not been suspended.

Both the government and the TPLF have accused each other of escalating the conflict.

In a separate development the authorities in the western Benishangul-Gumuz region say security forces have killed more than 100 fighters from an armed group that’s been behind numerous ethnic-based attacks.

This comes in the aftermath of deadly violence in the eastern part of the country in which a large number of civilians were killed in areas bordering Afar and Somali regions.

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  1. Wars don’t spread like inkblots on a page, actions are taken by individuals and groups that lead to further conflict. If the conflict is spreading to a territory that, as the article says, has seen numerous ethnic atrocities, it might help the reader know who the victims have been, as well as the potential perpetrators. This conflict has been presented as a plucky group of rebels attacked unjustly be their own government and a neighboring army. You would have no idea that the TPLF held power in the country for 27 years, prosecuted force outside of Ethiopia on multiple occasions (particularly into Eritrea), and appears to have solid international backers arming their side of the conflict. Westerners are being duped into taking a side in a very complex conflict, without a full accounting of the facts, as is often then case.

    • Whatever TPLF did or did not do in government does not justify deliberately starving a whole people to death. Mass murder and rape by government troops and intimidation and attacks on food transport by government militia. I can understand the diaspora that fled Ethiopia under TPLF is bitter, but committing genocide will be a permanent stain on the Ethiopian name. Not only on Abiy but on your whole people. Food has just run out and pictures of malnourished children will make it past your telecom blockade sooner or later. If these atrocities would be happening in Europe Addis would be under bombardment and NATO would be establishing no fly and safe zones in the north to get aid through. A pity for the over 100 000 children slowly starving to death that they as Africans are forced to wait longer for the international community to act. But we will! After the Holocaust humanity said never again. We are all humans. I wish you could look past your hatred and see your common humanity with your countrymen in Tigray!

      • Dear Johan,
        “deliberately starving a whole people to death?” Unilateral ceasefire by the Fed gov was meant to show people like yourself that Tplf is a major obstacle to getting food to the people. And that is exactly what happened. Tplf was left without an excuse. It felt responsible and hence began sending child soldiers east to Afar, west to Amhara regions and blocking aid trucks. Tplf understands from experience (in the 1980s) that starving to death Tigrayans had a massive PR boon from the West against the Derg regime! It is now back to its old playbook! I know it is hard for you to grasp such a complex situation, not understanding the background or the culture. I do agree with you of course that when people are starving all politicking should stop and saving lives must take priority.

  2. Im not a fan of Abiy’s regime but like majority of other Ethiopiams, I have little empathy for the cause and demise of the much reviled , TPLF ts political pirates or the suffering of its supporters including to be wiped by starvation and pestilence. They rightly deserve everything that befall on them , because they have chosen a path of rpolitical terror, thuggery. conflict ruthlessness and public thievery over peaceful coexistence, respect,, civility, equality and justice for decades. May I say to them au tevoir!

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