Abiy Ahmed’s Plan for Amhara Region

Mesfin Arega
July 02, 2021

The Oromo tribalist Abiy Ahmed can implement his Oromuma plan of building an Oromo empire over the ruins of Ethiopia only if he makes the Amhara region too week to frustrate his plan of systematically dismantling Ethiopia. In this regard the tribalist TPLF is an indispensable ally for Abiy Ahmed. However, it will sure turn an arche foe when the time comes to share the spoils of dismantled Ethiopia. Therefore, Abiy Ahmed wants TPLF to be strong enough to severely weaken the Amhara region but not so strong to threaten the upcoming Oromo empire.

In so far as it makes Amhara region week, Abiy Ahmed supports TPLF’s annexation of Amhara land, just like he implicitly supports Sudan’s annexation of Amhara land by keeping silent about it. However, if TPLF annexes both “Western Tigray” and “Southern Tigray”, it will be too strong for Abiy Ahmed and his future Oromo empire. This is why Abiy Ahmed used Mr. Blinken to demand the “Transitional Government of Tigray” take “effective control” of only “Western Tigray.” It should be noted that Mr.Blinken did not even mention “Southern Tigray” in his demand.

Therefore, for Abiy Ahmed and for Amhara-haters in western governments, the best of all possible scenarios is “Western Tigray” for the soon to be created Tigray Republic, and “Southern Tigray” for the soon to be born Oromo Empire so that, together with Sudan, these three anti-Amhara countries will completely encircle the severely weakened Amhara region, making it the Armenia of East Africa.

Mesfin Arega

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