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Who is Leading WHO?

NY/NJ Hope for Ethiopia
July 01,202

The World Health Organization is one of the principal organizations under the United Nations. The COVID-19 pandemic that paralyzed the world for more than a year clearly demonstrated the need for a reliable, courageous, and strong leadership at the helm. The leader of the WHO should not be someone that relishes corruption and appeases authoritarian regimes. Moreover, he should have the courage to speak the truth and stand up against cover-ups.

The current director general of the WHO was picked in 2017 despite a mounting opposition based on his records in Ethiopia. Most Ethiopians were astonished and wondered if his two notable experiences they thought could disqualify him may have actually helped him get the job. Prior to his election to the office, his widely circulating experiences around Ethiopian circles include:

  1. His central committee membership to the most corrupt and terrorist regime in Ethiopia (the TPLF: Tigray Peoples Liberation Front). The group has killed and tortured thousands of Ethiopians (a fact documented by human rights organizations including Amnesty International and human rights watch). TPLF was labelled as a terrorist group by the GTD (Global Terrorism Database) from 1990 to 1992) for terrorizing Tigrayans and it was again labelled so in 2021 by the current Ethiopian government for treasonous attacks on the nation’s military forces. The same man who claims to care about world health issues never condemned or voiced concerns against heinous torture techniques practiced by his close confidante, the late Getachew Assefa (notorious intelligence chief of the TPLF), including nail extraction, bottles hanging from the testicles of prisoners and urinating on prisoners.

  2. His repeated failure to report confirmed Cholera outbreaks in Ethiopia just to provide political covet for his corrupt party.

For many Ethiopians, the selection of the current head of WHO in 2017 was equivalent to selecting El Chapo to head a drug rehabilitation center in the US. At the time, the governing council completely avoided all the concerns regarding Tedros Adhanom. We are now waiting to see if his major accomplishments as a Director would qualify him for the second term.

The majority of his fellow Ethiopians would summarize his key accomplishments as:

  1. Appointing one of the worst dictators and human rights abusers in Africa, the late president Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe as a “Goodwill Ambassador” to the WHO.

  2. Never challenging or questioning the Chinese on the COVID-19 outbreak

  3. Designing and Implementing corruption schemes throughout the Organization

  4. Spending a significant amount of his time lobbying UN agency members and world leaders to put pressure on the current Ethiopian government to save his corrupt and treasonous friends.

The fact that the WHO director is spending most of his time trying to save his corrupt and criminal friends while the world is facing a COVID-19 epidemic indicates his screwed up priorities.

As a central committee member of former corrupt regimes in Ethiopia that looted and massacred Ethiopians and covered up its evil deeds for close to three decades, Adhanom lived in and loved corruption, dictatorship, and cover-ups. In that regard, people who voted for him should see the fact that his experience as a TPLF member has served him well towards achieving his three major accomplishments.

His accomplishment number 4 does not have anything to do with world health issues. However, he has used and abused his power and corrupted his office by working hard to influence world leaders, and international offices based on fabricated stories and misinformation about the Tigray region while continuing to cover up the heinous massacres perpetrated by his friends on the Norther Command of the Ethiopian Military Forces and Amhara Ethiopians in Mai-Kadra.

During the TPLF era, its leaders were never ashamed of taking aid money that was supposed to reach poor farmers and its generals were famous for pocketing payments for military officers under AMISOM (African Union Mission in Somalia). Ethiopians and those who know enough about the TPLF and its leaders are not surprised to find out that corruption at the WHO is at its peak during the recent pandemic. We strongly believe the World Health Organization deserves a better leadership. It would be unspeakable if Adhanom’s key accomplishments, 1 to 4 earn him a second term in 2022.

WHO deserves Honest, Courageous and Strong Leadership!


NY/NJ Hope for Ethiopia

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