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Abebe Gellaw on Andargachew Tsege (Video)

Read Aloud:   BBN Daily Ethiopian News March 29, 2018


  1. I think the weyane junta jamm the voice of this video as usual because they always afraid public voice

  2. I think the weyane junta jamm the voice of this video as usual because they always afraid public voice you can listen clearly at youtube…..they are dedeboch they dont even know there is always another way…..

  3. The so called Dr Birhanu Nega should answer for his crime of hiding and keeping Andargachew secret for more than ten days, what kind of stupid reason he could possibly come up with to justify his drama of keeping Ethiopians at bay from the news of Andargachew arrest ?
    Ethiopians world wide and civic organizations including the british government and medias could force YEMEN not to hand him over to Woyane however Dr Birhanu and his friends does not want Ethiopians and the world to rally and demonstrate for ANDARGACHEW release
    clearly Andargachew is betrayed by Dr Birhanu and his friends and this way we lost a true ETHIOPIAN HERO and a dedicated Ethiopian working hard for building democratic Ethiopia, obviously G7 would be a dead party with out Andargachew.
    Dr Birhanu should resign from his post as he caused the arrest and torture of General Yalmeshet and the likes by tipping woyane publicly the planned coup these generals were planning to over throw WOyane and this is a stupid party tells its plans to the world before it happened and this is mainly done by Dr birhanu
    Woyanes also kidnapped another person with Andragachew and still G7 kept the arrest of this guy secret from the eyes of the world, it would have been good for that person if Ethiopians knows about his name now G7 feel responsible and inform their members that The Laptop confiscated with Andargachew could have secrets and names therefore they should inform members both inside and outside Ethiopia to take precaution HOWEVER G7 does not care for its members as usual
    ESPECIALLY the G7 members in Ethiopia need to be warned if there are names and other things in the LAP TOP OF ANDARGACHEW that could incriminate them yet Dr Birhanu with an utter disregard of HUMAN LIVES does not want to tell or do anything to warn it s members

  4. Daniel you are woyane and don’t believe that we can be misguided by you and you are not ethiopian. you are myths.

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