ESAT Special about Andargachew Tsige – July 03 2014

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ESAT Special about Andargachew Tsige July 03 2014 Ethiopia

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  1. Thanks ESAT. I will sleep today becase as you said “Andargache is steel in Yemeni” Simeten min yahil endetegoda meglets alchilim!! Min endemadergim alakim. Bicha le aremenew ende FERON LIBU LEDENEDENEW ‘BERTA TIRU NEW’ YETEBALE YIMESIL KEGIZIE WODE GIZE KIFATU EYEBASEBET YEMETA “HIZBEN LIKEK” SIBAL NITSUHANIN BEGIF BE ESIR YEMIASEKAY WOYANE telalfo endayset Egziabiher yirdan min endemil bicha alkim::

  2. since i heard the detention of mr andargachewu tsige by yemeni’s government, i am feeling a deep sad because he is the one who engage in struggle against terrorist woyane. so please let us unit in free andargachew tsige campaign thank you!

  3. Ginbot 7 needs to walk the walk.Talk is cheap. The first power we need to deal with is Yemenis. We have to let them know, they can not get away with this. Yemen has a lot of interestes in Ethiopia and many yemeni officials including the Ambassodor are freely walking around Addis without any fear of being harmed.Ginbot 7 needs to deal with these soft targets to send a message to Yemen govt. that we mean business.I do not think it will be that difficult to cause some damages to yemens interests in Ethiopia.

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