Ethiopian Soldiers killed in a heavy fighting between ONLF and Ethiopian soldiers

(Ogaden News Agency) — The Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA) is continuing its offensive against Ethiopian troops in Ogaden..

A senior member of the Ogaden National Liberation Army informs Ogaden news agency(ONA ) today, on the 3rd of June 2017, that a fierce fighting took place between ONLA and Ethiopian soldiers in Anfi Village of Hamaro district in Nogob Region.

The ONLA has killed 10 Soldiers and wounded unknown numbers of government troops. According to the eye witnesses, three big Lories transported the wounded Ethiopian soldiers to Fik town, the capital town of Nogob Region.

The report also added that The ONLA has captured weapons, ammunition and communication equipment.

According to the locals, when the Ethiopian soldiers face such losses they harass and massacre civilians as they did right now in the area where the fighting took place.

Stay tuned for further news from Ogaden News Agency in Ogaden.

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  1. These former Ziad Barre and current Isaias orphans know how wage wars and always kill then win. I have been keeping tally of their kills and exploits in the battle front. Oh no, I better keep quiet because they may be just at the outskirt of Dire Dawa (diir-dhabe) poised to launch the final strike. Ogadenia Emirate is just around the corner folks. You better submit your visa application now and make your hotel reservation today. Three big lorries full of wounded civil servants? That is huge. You go ONLF!!!

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