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Ethiopia: XCMG Completes Water Cellar Project in Ethiopia, Bringing Clean Water to 4,000 Local People

PR Newswire (New York)

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia β€” XCMG has held a completion ceremony in Amhara, Ethiopia to celebrate the successful construction of 41 water cellars that will provide access to clean drinking and irrigation water for 4,000 people.

Over the past 11 months, Chinese engineers have joined hands with locals to build 41 practical water cellars in five villages in Oromia region, one of which is set in a primary school to help more than 300 students and faculty.

In partnership with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), XCMG invested 750,000 yuan (US$110,355) from the 1.85 million yuan (US$ 268,743) BlueDream Foundation to provide solutions to Ethiopia’s severe drought problems. The project is part of XCMG’s “For A Better Life” global public welfare campaign that is comprised of 14 targeted projects.

Anils Awon, director of irrigation for the Ethiopia Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, congratulated the successful completion of the project and expressed gratitude for the timely help from CFPA and XCMG.

“Ethiopia has made great progress in infrastructure, education and culture since strategic partnerships with China were established. What’s touching is that more and more Chinese companies like XCMG are shouldering social responsibilities in Ethiopia. We also appreciate that Chinese organizations like CFPA are playing influential roles in Ethiopia’s social development.”

Abebayehu Tarekchen is an Ethiopian who will benefit from a water cellar completed this month. Tarekchen used to travel four hours every day by camel to carry water from a nearby community and spend 1,800 birrs (500 yuan, US$73) annually to buy water during the dry season. The unclean water also poses risks of diarrhea and dysentery, especially for children. Now he has more time to work on the farm and can provide a better future for his family.

“This is our first international public welfare project with CFPA; our goal is to provide continuous contributions to those in need of help and to pass love and warmth to people around the world,” said Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG.

About XCMG:

XCMG is a multinational heavy machinery manufacturing company with a history of 74 years. It currently ranks ninth in the world’s construction machinery industry. The company exports to more than 177 countries and regions around the world.

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