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Deportation-threatened Ethiopians’ case to court

Judges at Oslo District court are to hear the case of Nathan Eshete and his family as they this week contest their forced repatriation.

Seven-year-old Nathan, born and raised in Norway, was told before Christmas 2012 he and his parents would be deported back to Ethiopia.

Nathan is one of hundreds of children whose asylum applications have been rejected, as well as having lived in Norway for more than three years.

Tri-partite coalition Parties’ members have protested against the government’s current asylum policy regarding minors.

Norway and Ethiopia signed a voluntary-come-forced repatriation agreement just over one year ago for rejected nationals from the Africa-located country.

Parents Asfaw and Zinash Eshete and Nathan will attend Oslo City Court on Tuesday and Wednesday in an attempt to overturn immigration authorities’ decision to make them leave.

Many supporters of the family will attend the court hearing with judgement expected within three weeks its close.

“The court must consider whether the government has taken the child’s best interests into account when and expulsion decision has been made”, the family’s lawyer, Arild Humlen told Bergensavisen.

General Norwegian legislation on asylum seeker children has been adjusted, but only slightly.

At the same time, Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) director Terje Sjeggestad did not feel obliged to comply with this change.

Norway has increased aid to Ethiopia, with International Development Minister Heikki Holmås signing an agreement to strengthen bi-lateral ties.

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