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You are children of Cuba, VP affirmed to Ethiopian graduates

Addis Ababa, Nov 19 (Prensa Latina) You are also children of Cuba even if you were not born there and I am grateful that you have brought together other friends to the solidarity movement in Ethiopia, said today the Cuban vice president, Salvador Valdés Mesa.

During a tribute to the 163 Cubans who fell in the fight against external expansionist attempts in the Ethiopia-Cuba Friendship Park in this capital, Valdés Mesa stated that both countries forged a foolproof relationship, the result of which are the five thousand graduates on the Caribbean island called Ethiopian Cubans.

“We are proud that here and in other parts of the world those who have studied in Cuba recognize themselves as Ethiopian-Cubans and are today the main architects of the solidarity movement with our country in this sister land and actively accompany our fight against the blockade,” he expressed.

In that sense, he commented that it is time to instill in future generations the love for the Caribbean island and that “you can eat with or without spicy, drink arake or Havana Club, speak Spanish or Amharic among other life experiences that we share.”

The Cuban vice president also addressed the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the intensification of the economic, commercial and financial bloc of the United States government against Cuba with the 243 measures approved by the administration of Donald Trump (2017-2021).

He assured that the latter have the objective of taking this unilateral measure in force for more than 60 years to unprecedented levels.

“It limits cooperative actions, but not friendship. Please receive our eternal gratitude and the commitment that our people who resist and face the pressures with dignity will not disappoint the trust placed,” he stressed.

Likewise, he welcomed the decision of the Ethiopian government to reopen its embassy in Havana, the capital that will always receive them with open arms.

In a meeting with a representation of Ethiopian Cubans, the love and gratitude for Cuba, the experiences during the years of studies and the commitment to continue supporting the Cuban Revolution were the messages that transcended.

Valdés Mesa arrived in Addis Ababa the day before on an official visit, the third stop on a tour of African countries. The journey began in Ghana, continued in Guinea Bissau and will end in Rwanda.

The official Caribbean delegation is also made up of the First Vice Minister of Public Health, Tania Margarita Cruz, and the Deputy Director General of Bilateral Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ángel Villa.


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