Wilkeite, in Southern Ethiopia

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Wilkeite, in Southern Ethiopia
40 years ago they left
Their Villages
In Northern Ethiopia
Running away from famine
Little did they know
They and their children
Will be guillotined
Like Hogs
By those
Who hate
who they were
The Amaras
Like Jews during
Hitler’s regime
The Amaras
What shall I do
To shelter you
From those
Who plan to guillotined you
The Amaras
You are like Jews
Who were under gas chamber
During Hitler’s regime
O! God!
Please do not be silent
But respond
In kind

Lemlem Tsegaw, Citizen of the Earth
In Memory of Amaras, guillotined by Oromos
In Wilkeite, Ethiopia April 28, 2021


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  1. You cannot shelter Amaras. Noone can hide from their fate. What goes around comes around. The Amaras are currently ripping the hate the Amaras planted in the majority of Ethiopians heads for centuries. We Ethiopians are currently free from the Amara colonizers and will do anything to remain that way. New generations of Amaras were given a chance to change their colonial tendencies for decades but they failed to change their colonial mind sets and consider themselves as equals with other Ethiopians, the Amaras had proven that it is in their nature to be authoritative , dictatorial , bossy , antagonistic , violent and aggressive to all the Ethiopian people around them. Amaras are savages. Every chance the Amaras get the Amaras choose to go to war just to satisfy their inner demons who wants to kill human beings. If Amaras get budget from the Federal government the Amaras choose to spend it on training Liyu Hayil as if there is no other financial need that needs to get addressed in the Amara region proving their deep desire to get violent all the time.

    We Ethiopians who are not Amaras got one thing that is so common to all of us, we got a common enemy who wants to keep us down and keep us miserable which is called the Amara ethnicity. We all might have our differences in many instances from time to time but when it comes down to the need to protect ourselves from the Amara hegemony we all are one and the same who will do whatever it takes to save ourselves from the Amara leadership. We need to make it possible for Ethiopians of all ethnic background not to ever have to get attacked by the Amaras , because Amaras are savages who have done the worst imaginable atrocities against Ethiopians for centuries , the Amazes are always first in line whenever there is a bloodshed is going on because it is in their culture to attack other human beings every chance they get. Amaras are the goons of any killer that comes to power in Ethiopia. Ethiopians should know we got a common enemy , the Amaras are always waiting for a chance to murder if they are told to do so. Susan takes the Amaras’ lands they do nothing to defend their territories from Sudan because the Amaras rather kill Ethiopians instead.

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