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Why We need to support Kinijit !

November 1, 2006

Kinijit is more than a political party. Before the May 15 2005 election Kinijit was merely a political party like the UEDF and EPRDF. After the November 1 2006 incarceration of Kinijit leaders, Kinijit has transformed itself from being a political party to being a symbol of resistance.

Why is Kinijit so different than others ? Why has it managed to get the love and respect of the majority ? The answers are easy . It is because:

1. It respects the people
2. It values the right of individuals
3. It does not compromise the Unity of Ethiopia
4. It does not believe in armed struggle
5. It empowers citizens
5. It accommodates all Ethiopians and is inclusive
6. It does believe in forgiveness and reconciliation and rejects the politics of hate and revenge.

Kinijit’s vision is great and the only way for peace to Ethiopia. If kinijit fails the alternative is bloodshed and disaster. We cannot afford to loose Kinijit. Therefore I call for all Ethiopians to support Kinijit. Supporting Kinijit is not being involved in politics. Supporting Kinijit is helping Ethiopia. Supporting Kinijit is avoiding wars in Ethiopia. Supporting Kinijit is helping Ethiopia come out from its darkness.

Kinijit relies on the grass root support it gets from the people. (both inland and in the diaspora). Kinijit does not have an army. Kinijit does not have the support of a super power. Kinijit can succeed only and only if each one of us are active in our own way.

Some of us may say :” There is nothing I can do to help Kinijit”. Ladies and gentlemen, there is something you can do. Please don’t let yourself away from the struggle. At least you can pray. That is by itself a big contribution.

All of us has to be involved. All of us. We need to support Kinijit.


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