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Why Supporting the Fano Insurgency is Good for Ethiopia, the Horn and the World

Below is my first interview with Eth.251, one of the most powerful media with a credible track record. I commend the journalists for their acumen and resiliency.
In this interview, I urge those who support the Amhara-based Fano movement to advance and strengthen unity of purpose and action. Amhara has no other choice but to unite and defend themselves. The latest drone attack by Abiy’s Ahmed Military that wiped out an entire farming family in the Amhara region strengthens my proposal of why unified action is critical.
I also argue that diaspora based Amhara organizations must refrain from trying to lead the Fano movement remotely. It will not work. In fact it weakens the movement.
I urge you to listen and share the below videos widely.
 Aklog  Birara, PhD.

(ውጭ ተቀምጦ ፋኖን መምራት አይቻልም)

(Look at this fiasco)

2 thoughts on “Why Supporting the Fano Insurgency is Good for Ethiopia, the Horn and the World”

  1. I guess we are being told that torching vehicles that belong to life saving humanitarian work is ‘People Liberation’. Kidnapping those doing their job to bring desperately needed electric power to villages and homes is now part of ‘liberating’ people. I guess we are now being taken to school so we will see kidnapping innocent citizens as part and parcel of the ‘liberation’ of people. All these measures are justified as long as they are taken by a ‘liberation’ army or some other groups who claim to be defending ‘their people’, we are being counseled. I guess ‘defending’ people means letting them live in villages and towns where law and order has completely broken down. I guess the world is on its head over there in Oromia and Amhara regions.
    May The Almighty Our Creator Save That Gem of The Colored!!!

  2. Somebody, please tell these two idiots to stop this stupid war!!! Wasn’t the war in Tigray that claimed the lives of close to a million citizens enough? Or is this the satanic way of population control? Were all the deaths and destruction since 1974 not enough? Haven’t we learned from the stark lesson of the fact that struggling alone does not bring life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? If you doubt that, just look around!!! I have said this umpteen times before. Any one of those 80+ ethnic groups can NOT achieve democratic way of life or governance by struggling all alone. Not one!!! Otherwise, all what they will get is a warlord that will tell them what to do including what to think for life. If that happens, no other ethnic group will come to help them. Oromos will never see the daylight of living in democracy by struggling all alone. The same applies to Amharas, Tigres, Afars, Somalis, Gambelas, Beni Shanguls, Sidamas or any other ethnic groups in that country. The alternative is wanton deaths and destruction. In this case The Lone Ranger ain’t gonna deliver the mustard! Never!!! Take that to the bank!!!

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