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Why Ethiopians of Jewish origin are fighting on the side of Amhara

Ethiopia has been at war with itself since 2018. The world may have forgotten the two year war that devastated the Afar, Amhara regions and cost the lives of more than a million. But Ethiopians have not forgotten this war or the war that followed. Nor have Ethiopians forgotten targeted ethnic atrocities of Amhara in Mai Kadra, in Wollega, Oromia, Benishangul Gumuz, Addis Ababa and the so called new Sheger City.

It is against this horrendous background that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Field Marshall Berhanu  Jula mobilized their army and continued to inflict pain and suffering on the Amhara population using newly acquired weapons of mass destruction from the wealthy and conflict prone country of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE played a huge role in the destruction of Yemen.
I find it tragic and unfair that Western Corporate media, Western decision and policy makers that give daily coverage to the Russia-Ukraine war are dead silent when it comes to state and government led atrocities in a Black African country, Ethiopia. it is Blacks killing blacks after all.
Don’t you think that these Western influencers of international public policy that were quick to lodge formal complaints against the government of Ethiopia at the UN Security Council several times during the war with TPLF are unaware of the level of human atrocity in Ethiopia by none other than the government in power? They are.  But, they do not seem to care because the victims are Amhara. On our part, we have also failed to mobilize our resources to make our case.
At the same time, it is good to know that hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian Jews in Israel have responded to the call and are fighting on the side of the Amhara cause. It has become their cause too. Non-Amhara Ethiopains have an obligation to side with the Amhara cause too.
The tweeter link below in English encapsulates why Ethiopians of Jewish origin who reside in Israel have joined the struggle on the ground.  I commend their contributions and urge the rest of us to stop being complacent.
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Dr. Aklog Birara

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