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Why Ethiopia turn to its face to Russia?

Ethiopia had suffered from repeatedly denial and attack from its historical enemies who are from in and out, from near and far.

USA abuses the Ethiopian people and sovereignty in Avery brutality and inhuman manner since 1991 to date. It is never in Ethiopian history made such shaming intervention of another government even from content to order what it likes to do and what it does not to do.

Ethiopia created and given to Ethiopians and Only Ethiopians are owner of their land and territory.

Our ancestors had paid invaluable price for the unity & sovereignty of the nation. We are Ethiopian & sons of the ancestors we never surrender our sovereignty and territory for the interest of imperialists and their lobbies.

Ethiopia and Ethiopian are now on the verge of golden opportunity to shift and strengthen their relation in all aspects to Great Russia.

We Ethiopians have to get lesson from Israel establishment, Eretria independence struggle, and Russian courage to keep its pace of advancement and to tighten its prior unity, territory and sovereignty of it towards its restoration it.

We have so many ties of historical, cultural, religious and other important values   along with Russia from the beginning world people relation.

Ethiopians are 1st to deal in education, culture and religious …..Shared  with Great Soviet Union.

If so no more time to waste to expect from enemies any mercy and intimacy.

Unite Ethiopia!

Unity is power and all!

Allen Amber!

1 thought on “Why Ethiopia turn to its face to Russia?”

  1. WOW! We all have a very short memory. The last I recall, Derg was in power when Russians were Ethiopia’s close ally. And dont we remember what happened during the derg regime.

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