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Why Ethiopia has turned its back on one of its own, WHO chief Tedros

  • Tedros is set for a second term at the helm of the global health body but Addis Ababa is not backing him
  • The war in Tigray and accusations of a humanitarian blockade are at the heart of the matter.

3 thoughts on “Why Ethiopia has turned its back on one of its own, WHO chief Tedros”

  1. It is to be remembered that the Ethiopian Diaspora conduced a concerted international campaign to stop the candidacy of the TPLF executive committee member Dr. Teodros Adhanom. Among the most important issues raised during the campaign is his incompetence and ineligibility to head an international organization such as the WHO which were based on his. track records as the key TPLF official. The key winning card or trick he and his TPLF government then used was promoting him as the first African candidate which was decisive in securing the backing of African countries.

  2. Tedros never been one of Ethiopia’s. He is always one of the Terrorist murderer TPLF. Stop calling him an Ethiopian when he only took advantage of Ethiopia to arm TPLF terrorists.

    For the first time WHO designated Tedros Adhanom as chief that has earned a Medical Doctorate Degree.

  3. I think too much energy and time is being wasted on this person. If he had opinion about what he believes is going on in Tigray, so what? That is his opinion. When we Oromos, Amharas and Afars opine freely about the situations in those regions and he also has his opinion. You don’t deny others the right you have. I am not saying he is right. In fact he was kind of carried away with his comment. So the way we handled it has turned out to be total failure. He ended up being nominated again. We should move on because the campaign to oust him is a disaster. Even the former President Trump had tried to get him thrown out but no dice. So let’s not give him the publicity he does not deserve.

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