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Why are Amhara Fighting? Dr. Aklog Birara

Simly put, Amhara are fighting for their sheer survival. I remind you that it is Amhara farmers, teachers, professors, medical professionals, business people, girls, fathers, mothers. miltary officers, and the like who are fighting. They are fighting for justice, freedom, inclusive governace, equality of treatment, the rule of law and a genuinely democratic Ethiopia. This is a just fight.

The assertion that Amhara are fighting to capture political power and rule Ethiopia is patently false. Remember this. It is Amhara political elites who engineered Abiy’s accesssion to power. It is Amhara Fano and Amhara Special Forces who fought back TPLF and saved Abiy’s regime from collapse. I have evidence to support this. I am suare, the key insiders who told me this will soon disclose the facts.

Anyone who tries to present a different narrative from the above has an obligation to present to the entire world a compelling narrative explaining why the current system that is degrading, impoverishing and corrupting Ethiopia is defensible?

Below is my latest interview on the current relentless drone attacks by Abiy’s military and why this horrondous approach is making conditions worse. I commend Journalist Habtamu Assefa of Hibre Radio for focusng on policies that matter most.

I call on all who believe in the shared humanity of Ethiopans to speak up. A regime that disallows peaceful protest and arrests organizers who wish to save lives and Ethiopia has no legitimacy to govern the 27th largest country in the world.

የፋኖ ትግል በድሮን ጭፍጨፋ ሳይገታ የአብይን ውድቀት ያፋጥናል

December 8, 2023

1 thought on “Why are Amhara Fighting? Dr. Aklog Birara”

  1. “Why are Amhara Fighting?”
    They are fighting because they believe everything in Ethiopia belongs to them and that only THEY should rule the country. They fight to impose their language and culture on non-Amharas. They fight to turn non-Amharas into their gabbars (serfs) once again, They fight to ensalve non-Amharas once againg. They fight to crash democracy in Ethiopia because democracy makes other ethnic groups equal with the Amhara. These are the reasons why Amharas fight, brother Akilog.

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