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Wholesome Ethiopiawinet: Unity & Beyond (Zelalem Eshete, Ph.D.)

Unity is just the beginning.

The way it is going, the ethnic centered thought and the status quo ethiopiawinet thought will never reconcile to give us the true one Ethiopia unseen before. Here is an independent voice urging all to look for a third way: Wholesome Ethiopiawinet.

The Other 10 Theses…

Thesis I. The Mask is not Our Identity

All governments of Ethiopia disguised our true identity by constructing an identity of their own creation for us, which in actuality is a mere mask on the outside. We should not, therefore, let the actions/inventions of our (past, present, future) leaders define what Ethiopia is all about one-way or another. It is up to us, the people, to get in touch with our true identity and seek to be known as we truly are. That journey is what Wholesome Ethiopiawinet is all about.

Thesis II. Glorious and Not Glorious

The status quo ethiopiawinet construct we inherited from the past presents itself as glorious. However, Wholesome Ethiopiawinet acknowledges that the status quo ethiopiawinet is not glorious as revealed in the painful reality of our heritage and thus envisions a new Ethiopia where every one would proudly calls Ethiopia “My Ethiopia”. Moreover, Wholesome Ethiopiawinet makes a distinction between status quo ethiopiawinet and the people, in that the people at large have always been glorious as shown in their capacity to live together peacefully and defend themselves against Italy in unison.

Thesis III. Highest Form of Enlightenment

Wholesome Ethiopiawinet encourages us to discover and embrace our true identity that has a greater power to unite us all as never before. That is, we strive to outgrow being of a particular ethnicity or being of Ethiopia or even being just a human being. We progress to becoming known as a godly people. Reaching to the original intent of creation: shine the likeness of God in us. Nothing can beat that.

Thesis IV. The True Meaning of “Ethiopia First”

When Oromo declare to be “Oromo first” reacting to marginalization of the Oromo people, Wholesome Ethiopiawinet teaches the rest to empathize with Oromo’s frustration by saying: we too are “Oromo first” – by choice, thought not by birth, towards correcting the injustice. We extend the same principle to anyone marginalized. Unity for Wholesome Ethiopiawinet means the voice of one is the voice of all. To Wholesome Ethiopiawinet, “Ethiopia first” is not an abstract and empty slogan of the communist era that reduced Ethiopia into a blood field. Rather “true Ethiopia first” is simply putting each other first so that there is a sense of brotherhood among all the members of the Ethiopian family.

Thesis V. Emergency Cease-fire

Our history hijacked our future by making the present “wartime”. Wholesome Ethiopiawinet understands the war of words waged between ethnic centered group and status quo ethiopiawinet group. It understands the hurt and pain of the past that makes the ethnic centered group despair to the point of believing that one Ethiopia is an illusion. It also understands the frustration of the status quo ethiopiawinet with ever increasing identity crises of Ethiopia. As a result, it calls us that we realize the invisible hand of history that is causing us to attack each other in the 21st century and declare “cease-fire” immediately. We are at a point where it is an emergency now. Sense the urgency and start using words of love that heals each other’s wounds. Let the matured one be the first to initiate the “cease-fire” and launch bridge building by going extra miles. It is time to choose the road less travelled for a change – our survival depends on it. Get real, either we all can be winners or we all can be losers – there is no middle ground for anyone among us.

Thesis VI. Universal Acceptance

Wholesome Ethiopiawinet knows that all of us would love to be part of a new Ethiopia – where all of us live equally celebrating each other as family. We all would be proud of a new Ethiopia that comes to be known as an inspiration of Africa and a hope of the world. Without exception, we all want to call this new Ethiopia as never seen before – our beloved home without any reservation whatsoever. Who wouldn’t?

Thesis VII. It is Not About Us

Wholesome Ethiopiawinet believes that destiny has brought us together in the geographical location of the present for the greater good. To Wholesome Ethiopiawinet, Oromo is not about Oromo, the same way Ethiopia is not about Ethiopia. Wholesome Ethiopiawinet believes no one should strive to be the only light in the dark Africa – whether as Oromo or as Ethiopia, but we endeavor to be a catalyst for the whole Africa to shine.

Thesis VIII. The Vision – the United People of Africa

Wholesome Ethiopiawinet teaches us to display a greater vision beyond ourselves (be it “Oromo first” or “Ethiopia first”), by looking forward to outgrow Wholesome Ethiopiawinet itself and move on to Africawinet in a truly united new Africa of the future.

Thesis IX. Super Model of the World – Why not?

Wholesome Ethiopiawinet knows that the best is yet to come. The true one Ethiopia formed by the power of love alone is our future. Ethiopia’s brokenness since the beginning of time should motivate us to become the super model of the world against all odds. That is the only way to make sense of our untold sufferings. It is a natural order, if we cooperate, for our brokenness to be transformed into a blessing not only for us but also for the world.

Thesis X. Mission Impossible – Making the Impossible Possible

Lets wake up and seize the moment by taking ownership of Wholesome Ethiopiawinet for it is meant to be: the tipping point.

Hear ye – hear ye: instead of destroying each other, why not change the world together?

Love wins – at last.

Is anyone listening?


Dr. Zelalem Eshete may be reached at:

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