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Who is profiting from yeAbay Gideb?


did not work on the Blue Nile/Abbay Valley but I participated on Abbay tributaries like the Dabus Irrigation Project. I also learned from a close friend who worked on Beles Tana Irrigation Project. On the Beles Tana most of the irrigation plot is owned by those who are ethnically connected with Woyane. How could the project which is built on loan can only benefit one ethnic group ?

When it comes selling fertile land in Gambella who benefited from one dollar per hectare deal, it is foreign land grabbers and ethnic Tigreans. The Oakland Institute study proves that 75 percent of local land owners are ethnic Tigreans. Are we going to support such commercial farm as a development too like Meto Aleka Ayaelsew Dessie “Yelem Abayema Yegedeb “Dam Abbaye Dam(DAD) ” suggested on a piece he wrote on ethiomedia ?

His part one “DAD” is not seen from this angle, who profits from it ? It is only seen Abbay as a “deterrent” from our traditional “enemies”,Egypt and Sudan. In fact North Sudan is happy with the dam as long as Woyane is in power. The aim of the dam is to get foreign currency by selling power.It is used as “oil”. Whoever controls the oil ruled the Middle East benefiting very few and the majority are not beneficiary of that oil. If you ask most Arabs now they will prefer if that oil was kept underground until an elected and accuntable government comes and put it for the use of the people.

Ghana is learning from this oil curse and developing this source for the benefit of the people. When China was digging for oil in Ogaden I was against it because such oil is not to improve the lives of the people in Ogaden and the rest of Ethiopia. If we go with Meto Aleka Ayalesew Dessie “DAD” I should have to support that too.

Supporting development when it is non transparent and came out of nowhere like the “Renaissance Dam” it is very troubling. Most of all if it is a “Cash” project we need to raise the red flag. Meto Aleka Ayalesew suggested this project it will “empower” Ethiopia by controlling the water of Abbay. What is this dam has to do to the people of Ethiopia ? How could it help to keep the territorial integrity of Ethiopia ? His argument is not convincing at all.

Ethiopia has lost more than 11.5 billion dollar in the last decade alone. The new Abbay Dam surely will fatten the wealth of those connected. When someone supports the dam on Abbay he/she should not ignore where the profit of Abbay dam will go. If we care less for that and claim it as “Nuclear Deterrent” like the nuclear project of Iran as suggested by Meto Aleka Ayalesew I have problem. Why not we ask for the Tigrean People Conglomerate, EFFORT to build this dam and profit from it like it did on other sources of our country and leave us alone ?

When the regime goes we will have our dam like all other illegally acquired resources of our country,our
land and water.


  1. I agree with the idea of Ato Ayalsew Dessie, his article is well analysed focused on the social, political, economic strategy and long term interest of Ethiopia. All the war and civil war issue we are facing today directly or indirectly related with Blue its important to see wisely instead of emotion.

  2. Good job to this person who see and bring new argument point in response to Ayalsew Dessie argument point.I like it the way he analyse his point of argument. I would like to ask him to continue to write every opinion and experience you have regarding this dam.

    Thank you so much!!!

  3. Dear writer,

    I think I feel the mistrust you are harboring; I do not blame you man. To be honest, it is hard to trust woyane; Reason: they are just traitors. Everyone knows Woyane is synonymous with betrayal.

    But we must continue in darkness for fear of further oppression by our own people. I also suggest you better think better because you are lumping 7 million Tigreans with about 10 corrupt top TPLF leaders. These TPFL leaders were snatching suppers of baby children Tigreans in Tigrai during their 17 years struggle. Now they do not even know Tigrai. They live in addis and they have Villas and all modern high living standards. Whereas the Tigreans are still covered by soil like every Ethiopian. I suggest you desist and stop targeting one ethnic people because of you hate woyane. you hate for woyane may be justifiable because they are evil people. But putting all the poor people with corrupt TPLF leaders is a crime by itself. At the same time you are giving the corrupt TPLF leaders a shield because they are using their ethnic as shield. They are the most sinister people. I have hoping they will learn. My hope on them has dried up. They are just corrupt and antiEthiopia.

    But we must not oppose the Nile dam. They may be build for their personal agenda or for their companies, but they will not live on this planet forever. We all die sooner or later. The Dam stays longer than their live span. At the same time, we can unite and make it national property. I understand your fear. We must unite for all problems. It is easier even to oppose if we are united. The woyane cadres are campaigning for Egypt water rights? but at the same time they are condemning Elias Kifle who is support Egypt. Now we are confused to be honest. Everyone is leba in Ethiopia. it is hard whom to trust. Actually what Ayalsew DESSIE has stated is great; because Woyane is ready to sign another Alger’s agreement with Egypt. At least it is better Ethiopia does not sign any deal with Egypt. But Woyane has no plan to use Nile from my survey on woyane supporters; they just wanted to generate power. They believe the Blue Nile belongs to Egypt. They just wanted to beg Egypt to permit them to have that dam for power only. That means, Egypt is pressing Woyane to accept the 1929 and 1959 colonial deal. Egypt does not want Ethiopia to use for irrigation purpose. If Woyane signs and renew for Egypt the 1929 and 1959 agreement. Egypt will say cool and you can build the abay dam. Woyane will not hesitate from signing another EEBC like agreement. Woyane’s truck record shows woyane will do it again. But if we unite now, we can protest and avoid another EEBC agreement between woyane and Egypt. Unit is the only way to beat woyane. I am convinced now Woyane will not hesitate from selling the Abay like the ports. it the most wicked organisation I can imagine. Let us unite, let us stop hate, and replace hate with love and mutual trust. We are wasting our lives hating each other and woyane is driving us like dogs because we are divided and weak. We have begged them and they never listen; the y are idiots but they call other people idiots. They wanted to teach about the rights of Eritrean and Egyptian only. They have nothing to do with Ethiopia. They hate Ethiopia for unknown reasons. They just wanted to rape the poor people. They are internal colonizers.

    • Hey, who you try to fool?every tiger use their ethnicity to gain some sort financial advantage.not only tigere,if you able to speak tigerena ,you can do anything pretty much.lets be honest to each other ,if a pig put lipstick,still is a pig.dont sugar cot the truth.go to immigration,Ethiopia air lines,miltary,overseas representatives,ministry jobs,top police official,every aspect of government jobs hold by one ethnic people.i am not say there is very few tigeres not involve in this mad and stupid politics.but why this tigere don’t speak out,condemn tplf?

    • Gezaee, You are 100% right, we better united to save Ethiopia from destruction by corrupt government of Ethiopia. As you mentioned above I am afraid about the deal they will make with Egypt too. If they do the way you mentioned above that will be very stupid. The people of Ethiopia must be informed before they rich any agrement with Egypt, otherwise the agrement will not be valid. Ethiopian government please think deep before you do any agrement with Egypt. This is not an easy issue. Tell the UN that if Egypt bomb the dam we will change the course of the tributaries of the blue nile.

  4. the writer of the article and the guy commented by the name ‘>ji’ got everything right while aylesew dessie and his like minded strong supporter of tplf would like to spread their poison coated by honey. now a days the standard of every cities of districts in tigray are european level beyond our imagination and we are constantly been told the majority of tigray are never benefactors of the regime if they are not who would be. ofcourse the entire population of tigray life style completely transformed to modern at the price of ethiopians. they took everything away and now at the time of austrity where they couldn’t manage to borrow money or collect aid in the name of ethiopia to complete their rail construction that consumes huge amount of capital they came up with a brand new millionum trick to deceive our innocent people. we dont expect birds from hatching snake eggs.

  5. We the people of ethiopia will benefited from the project! because when the unsatsfied TPLF get the source of income from this project at least our people can get crap of something. It is better than nothing.

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