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Ethiopians protest government corruption at downtown hotel

Protest linked to dam development and government corruption

More than 100 people gathered at a consul presentation in downtown Calgary Sunday to protest the Ethiopian government. (Meghan Grant/CBC)

More than 100 Ethiopians rallied outside a downtown hotel Sunday in protest of their government’s handling of a construction project.

The Ethiopian Consul General was giving a presentation at the downtown Ramada Hotel about a dam development project. Protesters say the government is corrupt and that they are concerned over a lack of accountability in how money is being spent on the project.

Some of the protesters were alleging the government is involved in kidnappings, including those against local journalists.

Many of the guests invited to the Consul General’s presentation were not able to get into the hotel because of the protesters.

Police say they were called in as a precaution after a verbal clash between two factions of protesters.

There were roughly 10 police cars and several dozen officers at the scene but no one was hurt.

Source: CBC

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