By Kebour Ghenna There is strong evidence that NMA/“ABEN” and EZEMA’s opposition elites are simply satisfied with their current political gains, even though the level of unrest, political and economic crises in the country did not change significantly. In general, conventional wisdom tells us

Ethiopian government and Tigrayan forces move towards negotiations

By Bethlehem Feleke, CNN Nairobi (CNN)The Ethiopian government has formed a committee to negotiate with forces from the Tigray region, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said in a televised speech to parliament on Tuesday. The committee has been “studying the preconditions and how the negotiations will

Gov’t forces engaged with Gambella, Oromo armed groups in ongoing exchange of gunfire in Gambella city

The Gambella regional state government said this morning that gunfire exchange between “enemy forces” and government security forces is ongoing in Gambella city since 06:30 AM local time this morning. The Gambella regional state government press secretariat bureau issued another statement explaining that the ongoing exchange of gunfights in the Gabella city and its environs is between government forces and joint forces of the Gambella Liberation Front (GLF) and “Shene”, the government’s reference to Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), which has been designated as “terrorist organization” by Ethiopian parliament. The statement from the regional government said that due to the “strong struggle” from government security forces