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Who are the Enemies of Amhara and other Ethiopians?

By Rosa Abadir
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I prefer not to write about individuals/groups but this time I am making an exceptional because of its significance. Plus, in this piece I wouldn’t concentrate on a single subject instead I would like borrow the writing strategy of my favourite political satirist Aba Tokichaw, where he executes various topics in one piece like the game of “two birds with one rock” in which I’ve always enjoy reading his commentaries.

Having said that! The current unforgiving improper displacement of against innocent Amharic speaking Ethiopians shows that the obstinate plan of the Tigrian’s People Liberation Front (TPLF) ethno-apartheid rulers to destroy the people of Ethiopia. Indeed, this is a deliberate move by TPLF gangs to gradually eliminate not only Amhara ethnic group, but also other Ethiopians specifically it’s a direct attack to systematically silent the Ethiopian people. Generally, TPLF master mind criminal leaders reaction towards Ethiopians with furious hate, distortion and unjustified accusation is understand why they are in such extreme agony trying to continue to find a route in order to prolong their power.

No wonder that this is neither the beginning nor end of the TPLF methodical violence against innocent Ethiopians. Apparently, the suffering of Amhara or other Ethiopians has not started yesterday; it has been going on for more than 20 years. In fact not only Amhara who has been continuously abused and dehumanized, but also other Ethiopian tribes including Oromo, Benshanguel, Gurage, Sidama, Ogaden, Welayita, Afar, Gambella, Tigre and others have also been targeted and victimized for the last two decades by TPLF savage group. However, unless we tend to forget what happened for the last 20 years, personally I am not surprised by continuous TPLF crimes against humanity; instead I am staggered by many of us when we are unable to identify the enemies of Amhara and other Ethiopians that are worse than TPLF.

Seemingly, unless we are naïve or tend to have a deficiency to remember what has happened for the last few years, I don’t think it is a bizarre to anyone any longer that TPLF is the worst criminal and corrupted group that is dedicated to destroy our country. However, we keep failing to realize that our victory is pushed afar by those who fight us to deliberately delay or avoid our victory, and by those among us who inflexibly work against our collective cause. Yes, we have to be careful as to how we should respond to this group of people, but we should fight both and should not trap in the same empty trap again.

These days I keep hearing and reading the comments by those arrogant, selfish and racist individuals who claim to be Amhara want to use this awful event to advocate their tiny interests in the name of poor Amharas. After few months of delusional and frenzy media appearances, recently a few individuals like Ato Hailu Shawel, members of MORESH ( a group that don’t have even a clear stand as its members/leaders sometime describe their goal as if they are a civic organization while at the same time they portray the group as a liberators of Amhara who is engaged with armed struggle) , Dr. Abeba, Dr Assefa Negash, Mirchaw Sinishaw (a person who resides in Washington DC and a former Derg revolutionary army “Abyiot Tebaki” who is being accused by many people not only involving in crimes during red terror but also have shamefully taken a money that was collected for famine victims) and other racist, arrogant and narrow minded individuals came back and started to appear on various media and wants to continue to play their filthy game by pretending as if they are a vanguard for Amhara people, which is very laughable.

Undeniably, the truth makes all of us free. It would be sensible and legitimate to ask ourselves who are those pompous individuals and what is their background and reputation. Surely, the answer is not hidden to all of us unless we are misled by their forked tongues and crocodile tears and take their word gullibly. Therefore, many of these individuals who have not only responsible for the demise of kinijit but also repeatedly insulted and undermined many freedom lover Ethiopians as well as constantly attacking various genuine opposition groups and their leaders. Seemingly, it is funny to hear and see these individuals’ want to portray themselves as a defender of Amhara while their heart knows that they are the enemies of Amhara worse than TPLF who have never been hesitated to destroy any type of struggle as long as they not in the position to hold power. Because, it is a pure power & money monger attitude of some Ethiopians. For them democracy, election and justice works as long as they stand as the champion, otherwise they would not be on the position to accept the sovereign of the people. Without any doubt, if people like these individuals had a chance they would be the most next notorious tyrant after TPLF and would not hesitate to kill everyone who has different ideas or races; however, the good thing is that they could not do anything better than using a lowlife kind of political discourse, of course name calling & insult as they all have no clue about logical argument except uttering their non-sense flap-trap day in and day out all over the planet.

Truthfully, we have observed them many times as they are always trying to avoid responsibility and from being accountable and pointing their fingers out on other Ethiopians who are practically challenging the TPLF regime in various direction. Especially for the last few months they are commonly known for advocating things in order to advance their tiny power and money interests in the name of Amhara. Sadly, at present a few Diaspora Ethiopians are blindfolded and carried over by these destructive individuals as it’s very challenging at this emotional moment for a number of naïve Ethiopians incapacitated to differentiate the patriotic Ethiopians from the enemies. Regardless of their empty constant echo, their crocodile tear should not fool many Ethiopians who have a better understanding about the struggle, because we Ethiopians have enough understanding and experience about the brutal and savage action of the TPLF ethno-fascists.

In addition, they have been failed to realize that having sweet tongue or giving eloquent lecture about the devastated Amharas cannot make these individuals honest, dignified or able to lead the struggle; instead we Ethiopians should wake up from being driven by emotion and bend over to see some other alternatives in order to find some sincere and candid individuals who are not racist, & narrow minded and can minimize their difference with other groups for the sake of the struggle, otherwise we will again trap in the same empty can and destroy our struggle, which is unwise. The other saddest part is that many Ethiopians are claiming that they are fighting the tribal ideology of TPLF without knowing that they apparently trap in the same container and can’t see things beyond their own tribe and unable to embrace inclusive struggle. Yes, we are unable to discover our own failure as it’s quite challenging to detect with our bear eyes.

Of course, the best ways to challenge those who use tribalism as their political dogma like TPLF is rejecting tribalism, and instead embrace inclusive ideology and judge each other based on our merit. Every human being regardless its tribal origin, race, color and gender have the same interest, which is the interest to be free from bondage. Surely, the Oromo has the same interest to be free from TPLF domination like his Amhara compatriot, and the same to other Ethiopian tribes, so the only antidote to terminate tribal domination is creating unity against the enemy. Without doubt Amhara prefer to be govern by progressive Oromo than Amhara dictator, the same apply to Oromo or other tribes, so we should not be fooled by those who use tribe to advance their ego. We need a system of law not tribal chiefs. Nevertheless, Ethiopians are fighting not to give special privilege to any particular group, or not to bring down a Tigrian racist and replace an Amhara racist or Oromo racist or other notorious dictators who uses race to advance their ego but to establish a system, which every citizens has equal right as long as he/she does not violate the right of others. We are not fighting to glorify particular race or groups or crown particular individuals, but to establish a system which every citizens could participate in the political process.

However, these so called Amhara defender individuals including members of MORESH are affected by a racist ideology and have been spreading hate in the name of Amhara which is the same as TPLF who uses the Tigrians name to spread hate against non-Tigrians. These individuals have been making a loud noises to boost their own image doesn’t help the struggle. Regardless of their self-conceit attitude Ethiopians have identified their selfish character and no one mislead by their nonsensical voice and empty rhetoric. By the way, we have not seen these individuals any practical measure towards coordinating the struggle but merely building their own image and want to be the champion of the struggle. To me individuals like these are kind of politicians who are expecting to collect the pot of Gold at the end of rainbow are not only confusing our people but they are dangerous for the popular struggle. They speak with forked tongues, which is of course half-truth and half lie in order to deceive the citizens and want to take the opportunity and describing themselves and thinks that Ethiopians would buy their filthy debacle. And the fools are the one who are doing the same thing again and again and expect different results, so Ethiopians should stop being a fool and able to identify their acute problem or vicious enemy, which are the, nothing less or nothing more.

I understand that we should all be ready to do some tangible things for the struggle in order to save the current devastated Amhara Ethiopians however aside from the TPLF endless crimes the problem also lays on some foxy opposition who fail to coordinate their struggle against the common enemy. Undeniably, for the last 20 years this group have done enough damage and repeatedly showed their own ego and narcissistic manner, and surely Ethiopians do not want his kind of bolshie and fixated individual. And whether we like it or not is the truth is these individuals are war mongers but not fighters. Therefore, Ethiopians won’t give any more chance for mercenaries for these types of individuals to drag our struggle again. More importantly, the more conscious and defiant opposition is saying: fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Anyhow, the recent action of TPLF against the Amhara Ethiopians has clear message and of course it shows that the suffering, misery and abuse of our citizens reach to the level of unbearable. Therefore, we should spend our undivided energy and power against the common. And every one of us should reach each other and coordinate our struggle. But I also believe it’s time for the opposition groups and their leaders also must try hard to reach the ordinary citizens, wherever they are and open the door, instead of compounded in their cult style circles. The leaders should lead by being example, instead of clutching power for a decade. They should invite the young and new generation to the leadership rule. Fighting for the common good is not fighting to crown one or few individuals, so the followers also should understand this basic truth and refrain from venerating and glorifying their leaders, instead they should learn to challenge them whenever they are taking a wrong direction.

Nevertheless, creating solidarity among us and supporting inclusive organization would be vital. Moreover, the Amharas or other tribes in Ethiopia who are being oppressed by TPLF are looking for not those who are making empty noise using their name instead they want those who can be a great support for the practical struggle. So far, as a media ESAT has been doing extra ordinary job serving the interests of Ethiopians and to be a voice for the voiceless devastated Amharic speaking Ethiopians and others. As a result, we recently heard and seen that the struggle has been massively reactivated from both inside and outside of Ethiopia. And let us all can do our own assignment in order not to be a verbal warriors instead a practical contributors for the struggle in various ways.

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