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Where are the Ethiopian people in this discussion? by Tedla Asfaw

Dear Ato Dawit Awramba Times Editor,
Melkam Timket, I followed a one hour of your recent guest appearance on “Civility” Room posted on Utube. The tape stopped on the questions and answers time from the audience. You claim that the attack on you by diaspora journalists is because of your Tigrean identity, you went on and say some Tigreans like Abrah Belai even distance themselves from being a Tigre. To defend your claim you brought Abrah Belai, Ethiomedia Editor interview on which you alleged Abrah said he was born in Raya very close to Amhara speaking area of Wello, Is that not true ?

The recent fight in Addis Ababa University is sure not of diaspora journalists instigated. Woyane has planted ethnic mistrust in our country for more than 21 years. Woyane rule in the name of the people of Tigray. Tigrai elites we can say 99.6 percent are behind Woyane. Who is to blame for this, the diaspora journalists ?

In your conversation you fail to attack Woyane that denied the rights of our people to organize and assemble freely as the root cause of mistrust between the people of Tigray and the rest of Ethiopian. Journalists after all report to the public but at this time the people are out of this game by force then what are you journalists reporting ?

Then All the talk becomes between a very tiny percent of people including exiled journalists far from home and Woyane supporters. “Talk of Bread not politics” you claim after Woyane terror of 2005 has never been tested by the majority of our people. For millions “bread” is still a luxury like freedom of speech or assembly.

I am not sure at all the people of Tigrai are better off in securing bread than the rest of Ethiopians. One thing is sure most Tigray elites do not want to lose power and wealth they stole from the Ethiopian people for the last 21 years. That is the issue lost in your discussion. That should be what free journalists have to focus.

Tedla Asfaw

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