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What did Abiy Ahmed have for Father’s Day?

(by A. Alemayehu)

This Father’s Day
What did Abiy Ahmed do to celebrate?
Don’t know what he drank and don’t know what he ate
I was not in the palace, but I can speculate
‘Cause I saw human blood in his cup and human flesh on his plate

What Abiy had for Father’s Day was a genocidal meal. On June 19, 2020 blood-drenched human flesh was what Abiy had on his plate. The blood and flesh of Amhara villagers slaughtered in Oromia.

Abiy also celebrated Father’s Day by kidnapping and jailing thousands of fathers that responded to his call to defend against TPLF’s invasion a year ago.

Abiy’s Father’s Day celebration included imprisonment of an octogenarian journalist and father, Tadewos Tantu who was handcuffed at his hospital bedside. 84-year-old Tadewos’ crime was his belief in free speech.

Close to 1000 Amhara were slaughtered in Wellega. Babies as young as five days old were killed. Prior to this campaign of ethnic cleansing, Abiy Ahmed has conveyed a coded and insightful genocidal hate-message in Parliament. In Gimbi, Wellega, where the massacre took place, a mosque could not serve as refuge to the fleeing Amhara farmers. The terrorists followed the civilians into the mosque and killed at least fifty of them. One person lost twenty members of his immediate and extended family. Another lost 11 members of his immediate family.

In addition to the genocidal call Abiy Ahmed made in parliament, his administration released a doctored video from the secret service to incite massacre against the Amhara. This video, following the weekend Gimbi, Wellega massacre, was exposed by Ethiopian Human Rights Commission as a months-old video of a massacre by government forces in Oromia Special Zone. The damage, however, had already been done.

The strangest thing about the Amhara massacred in Wellega is that they are of Wollo ancestry. According to OLF, Wollo is going to be part of the future, much expanded Great Oromia. Why would you massacre people of Wollo descent in your backyard and claim their ancestral land 1000 km away as part of Oromia? If these people were part of your prospective Great Oromia, and if you were planning to annex their ancestral land, why would you commit genocide against them in your own backyard? You crave Wollo land but you despise Wollo people?

Despite the governement issuing several declarations that it has led a successful campaign against the OLA, supposedly the actual killers in the massacre, the only dead bodies ever seen are of civilian Amharas.

People have now come to realize that these declarations are ready made statements that are recycled by the ruling Oromo PP party or the Oromia region authorities every time ethnic violence is committed against the Amhara by Oromo extremists. They correspond to no actual action by the government on the ground. That is they are fake declarations issued just to appease the gullible while encouraging the perpetrators.

The man who was to be like a father to the nation is busy leaving kids without fathers and fathers without kids.

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