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What a giant moment! – Yegonchaw!

What a giant moment!

A true testimony for the power of people, a monument,
A legacy of our struggles reaching a new height,
Which stands tall, dwarfing the kangaroo court,
Elevating high moral and standards for those enduring the plight,
Let it shine in the darkest dinginess a bright star that ignite,
On the hills, valleys , streets and battle front,
Uplifting, reigniting the fighting spirit,
Let the truth be told, at the people’s court,
And thus, victory is inevitable event,
All what it takes is a fight and sacrifices albeit,
Fighting, we shall and unite to overcome the enemy and defeat,

What a giant moment!
Unspoken, but spoke a volume,
Quietly, but sent a laud message,
Independently, but acted in unity,
Suppressed and pushed on to the bottom floor,
But stood up tall and rose above the ceiling,
Muted, but echoed across the universe,
Such a giant moment, igniting giant movements,
Slowly, but surely, toppling down dwarfs!
Down! Down! Woyane and its crones!

… Inspired by a fraction, but a giant moment; among daily plights of our beloved people and country, Ethiopia and under one of the brutal regimes in the planet, Woyane.


This Friday, (3rd March’17) after a long week of work and life routines, I felt exhausted and went to bed early, but not without my daily and favourite ritual. First, I had to listen to Ethsat radio daily news and one of the brief headlines caught my attention and imagination. It was profoundly powerful!

“Today, when Professor Merara Gudina was ‘escorted’ into the ‘Woyane Kangaroo court room’, prisoners and their families waiting in the room stood up tall and greeted him with great respect”.

Perhaps, it is nothing exciting to hear that this great scholar and a true son of Ethiopia being humiliated and degraded by this vulture regime in its rat infested prison dinginess, shackled and harassed in the hands of evil ‘Agazie’ security squads.

But, what caught my attention is that even in the midst of daily tragedy, occurs hope, in the darkest moments of our lives, a bright flicker of light emerges in the true spirit of men and women.

The news highlighted that prisoner of consciousness and their families were waiting, waiting for what feels like indefinitely. On the lower floor under the overwhelming and superimposing Woyane Kangaroo court, families hurdled just to observe the most hated routine drama directed by Woyane top officials and played by so called ‘Judges on the domineering stage.

Suddenly, a whisper of incident disrupts the disquieting state; the people felt the aura, presence and connection of unparalleled wisdom, courage, honesty, integrity, love and dignity is engulfing the room as the gentle giant, professor Merrara Gudina was ‘escorted’ into the court room.

They all instantaneously stood up and greeted this man of great scholar and prisoner of consciousness, unanimously to say ‘we are with you!’ and ‘we stand with you!’. I can imagine that this means a great deal to the Professor regardless of the heavy and unjust price he is paying.

I was in tears, with joy! which may sound paradoxical, I am Just happy to know and learn the confirmation that no matter what this brutes may have done to dislodge our unifying spirit, integrity and humanity, but it is always there and we should never lose hope. That is a profound message to hear and my addition the professor is that ‘one is never alone!’, but among millions of Ethiopians, who are ‘taking their time’, and the time will come soon. We shall all be free!!

Well, I can’t imagine how the dwarfs, soulless, cowardice of Woyane thugs and killing squads at all levels may have felt at that moment.

But, I can only imagine and only interested in what many compatriots may have felt this heart-warming moment of unity, solidarity and hope which is a century old shared tradition and value that reside deep (within us), inside our people’s mind and heart which ignites instantaneously. It is up to us to set the ignition and steer it to the right direction.

This is just a fraction; but a giant moment and testimony that we should never, ever give up on our people!



Aluta continua!

Yegonchaw! 04.03.2017

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