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We say No to Saudi Arabia and Woyane Slavery !!!

November 28, 2013
By Tedla Asfaw
I followed BBN Radio of November 27 in Amharic. The young Professor Alemayehu Fantahune made a very interesting remark on the end of his interview regarding the Muslim Leaders” Hidar ” 23 verdict which is to come in less than a week.
Professor Alemayehu brought briefly the deportation of Ethiopians from Saudi and he claimed the majority were Ethiopian Muslims. He went on further and said they were victimized by the Saudi’s action and he hoped the Ethiopian regime might not victimized the Muslims for the second time by sending the Muslim leaders to jail on ” Hidar ” 23.
The Professor did not say a word on the atrocity Ethiopians suffered under the Saudi security and the young thugs who raped, beat, kill and loot our people both Muslims and Christians.
The Professor suggested to let Woyane “free” the Muslim leaders otherwise the regime will lose the soon coming “election”. The good Professor should know very well that there has never been free and fair election in Ethiopia.
It is ironic  the professor connected the suffering of our people in Saudi with the religious freedom struggle home. The two are not connected at all. The Professor is trying his best to connect but failed miserably.
The professor is playing the religion card but what has been going on for the last 3 weeks in Saudi Arabia is not about religion it is about anti Ethiopia/Habesha  campaign in Saudi Arabia which is very racist and anti Islamic.
The two years old struggle in Ethiopia by Ethiopian Muslims is about freedom of religion. By connecting the Saudi anti Ethiopia terror with the Ethiopian Muslims struggle the good professor sounded more like a Saudi and Woyane apologizer.
I want to remind the Professor that the last two weeks Diaspora Ethiopians successful rally all over the world was against the Saudi Fascist regime crime not against Islam. Ethiopians regardless of ethnicity and religion stood as Ethiopian for Ethiopians dignity. We were true to our ancestors declaration, “Haymnote Yegel Hager Yegra Newee”, Religion is a private affair while Ethiopia is Our common home !!!
Ethiopians will stand united to defeat the Woyane and Saudi Mafia by condemning all who are working very hard to keep the Saudi and Woyaneanti Ethiopia alliance  by begging Justice from Woyane for unjustly jailed Muslim leaders. They hoped such action will bring the Ethiopian Muslims to the Saudi and Woyane camp so that the looting and slavery of Ethiopians will continue.
We will not go to the failed attempt of Muslims Vs others Woyane played early on and which the Professor endorsed it as one of the success with “Federalism” in Ethiopia. Ethiopians know very well Woyane and its foreign backers like Saudi can only loot our country by dividing us in ethnicity and religion. We say no more to Slavery !!!!

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