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March 25,2023
Tezera Asegu London, United kingdom


The US press release issued on March 25,2023, echoing the stands of USA and its Trojan horse, the Human Rights Council in Geneva, is a replica of the 1884 -1885 Berlin Conference article that replicate the policy of divide and rule and the scramble for Africa.

We Ethiopians are gutted by the bizarre, vulgar and deluded stands of the Government of USA , members of the American Congress and its allies at large.

It is obvious that some members of the American Congress, men like Antonio Blinken, have got a profound inordinate relationship with TPLF, which is absurd, immoral and daunting.

We would like to remind the USA and those countries who have a neo-colonialism sentiments that the “sling” of David that dashed the evil eyes of “Goliath” is still in action in the land of God, Ethiopia (1 Samuel 17:45-53).

Ethiopia and its people have got inherited sets of gene to defend and fight back any super power out there, that is trying to betray our unity , integrity and cultural values.

It is paramount that the USA and its allies recall the damages they sustained in the horn Africa, particularly in Somalia, during the 27 years of unpopular marriage with TPLF, which was disastrous, horrendous and heinous.

At the moment USA and its allies are on the process of remarrying the TPLF after more than five years of breakup. This is making OLF party as hype, which is a phoney relationship that wouldn’t last long for sure.

The USA and its allies unrighteous and patronising mingle with the so-called TPLF and OLF, is for inflecting harm on Ethiopia , a country they are tirelessly striving to disintegrate and dismantle , but would not be perceived as gainful and acceptable by the people of Ethiopia and Africans’ ,too.

It is a dismay for all Ethiopians’, particularly for the largest ethnic group of Ethiopia that of the Amhara and the other ethnic groups that have got unwavering yearning for a prosperous and united Ethiopia to coexist and come out of the phoney relationship and intrigue of USA and its mouthpieces.

The TPLF officials including the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Mr.Meles Zenawi, used to be paid a huge amount of dollars from the American government side on


the pretext of abolishing Al-Shabaab and Alkaida affiliates in the horn of Africa, which was not successful at all and was atrocious.

It is a recent phenomenon when the Ethiopian military forces, deceived by the untrustworthy America government and the evil TPLF, took some shameful action, encouragements and propaganda made Ethiopia immerse in a ferocious war with its friendly country, Somalia, which is very regrettable, despite the fact that , the TPLF earned a huge ransom in return for doing so.

America, founded recently around 500 years ago, has an infant history compared to Ethiopia that has a history of 3000 years. The history of Ethiopia is profound, magnificent and marvelous like the Greeks, the Romance and Vikings.

History records Ethiopia as a free country and a country that was never colonized. Currently, it is on the spot light in the eyes of the world. It is at her current stage by vigour , steady efforts and scarification of the Amhara ethnic group that all Ethiopians across the board recount and are proud of to propagate these notions with full confidence.

Hence , America who is comparatively a new comer to the world history book and the map of the world has no credibility to despise and dictate Ethiopia that has a history spanning back hundreds of years and after Christ (AD’s and before BC’s).

Because of the lack of world history, the Americans and the Human Rights Council in Geneva have depicted and convoyed unsubstantiated statement and made a dopey call of the Amhara forces to vacate from western Tigray and Raya which is absurd and erroneous.

We Ethiopians would like to remind the USA and its acquaintances that in more than 3000 years of Ethiopian history there was no district called or named “Western Tigray” and Raya had never been in the map of Tigray at all.

America and china might have economic interest in Africa , but this should not be carried out by interfering in the socio economic situation of the country .

It is preposterous, a fallacy, unlawful to give orders and pressure the people of once country and the statesmen. It is also unethical to pressure countries and


the authorities to appoint leaders of their choice that fulfil their egoistic motives in the modern world system of the 21 century.

American and the catalyst, the so-called Human Rights Council in Geneva, are persuading and bribing the state machineries, to the extent of issuing verbal and written statements asking the Amhara forces to vacate from the so-called Western Tigray and Raya. They have worked for the moron Getachew Reda to be appointed as governor of the Tigray region, which is very shocking and absurd.

Ethiopia is not like other countries that of Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria and many more.

It would be very disastrous to establish a poppet government system in Ethiopia as the American government trying to do at the moment by corrupting and handcuffing the deplorable and abhorrent ethnic Oromo extremists and the Tigrian narrow minded leaders in Ethiopia.

We would like to remind the public that American and its allies might fell as they have concluded and drawn their devious and crooked policies on Ethiopia at the moment. However, what ever kind of government is setup out there in Ethiopia, the people lead the state and the officials at the top could never dictate the people.

As a result all anti-Ethiopia elements will be booted out of the country and pay the price as experienced in Vietnam, Somalia and Afghanistan. The fate of all forces that are against Ethiopia will be gloomy and tarnished for generation to come, as the Italian fascist experienced it during world war one and two.

We are recommending all those the so-called super power countries, who have full trust on their and money not to be in unhelpful situations.

The approach of USA in the horn of Africa is becoming very hostile. Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia governments and their people have turned there faces from America.

The recent American arrogant stand will add another country, Ethiopia to the list and the people would be adversaries which would be a disaster and the American influence in the horn and Africa will be out of touch and non-effective for ever.

Finally, the Ethiopian people are notifying the USA, the office of the Human Right Council in Geneva and all its allies to refrain from involving in the geo political, demographic and historical perspectives of Ethiopia, the horn and Africa at large.


There has never been a so-called “Western Tigray in the history and map of Ethiopia through out generation and “ Welkait and Raya” have never been part of Tigray at all as the world and Ethiopian history books assert.

If America and her cliques continuing to flag up such erroneous messages, they will be immersed in catastrophic contradictions as they are facing in Ukraine at the moment.

Tezera Asegu

London, United kingdom



  1. The word ‘denounce’ is too amateurish and bounderish at its minimum. That is not the manner/value that describes the gem of the colored called Ethiopia. Who gave the writer the authority to speak for the millions in our Diaspora? So tasteless!!! But still I respect his/her rights to free speech but not for unauthorized statement in the name of a group of people.

  2. The writer has got a right to depict his views representing the million people and the groups he is affiliated with. Your comment is more inclined to the TPLF and OLF notions /agendas. We Ethiopians’ we don’t want the right hands of the outsiders to fight back the enemies within those countries who have got neocolonialism sentiments. You don’t have any right to detect as your brain is infused with your stepfathers the American and the westerners.

    1. The way I understood Tezera Asegun’s article is that I think he emphasized the feeling of Ethiopia in general but he is not representing the Ethiopian Diasporas as Ittu Aba Farda’s statements. If we honestly understood the theme of Tesegu Segue’s article is he opposed foreign interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs referring to about foreign countries who have been working to death to impose their iron hands in the name of peace in Ethiopia. I think those countries are working for their closest align Egypt who supported the internal enemies trying to bring back TPLF in power. As any genuine Ethiopian believes, the Ethiopian people want to be free from divisive foreign iron hands that devoted to reinstate TPLF back in power which has been working in the past 30 years with Ethiopian foreign and internal enemies. I therefore strongly believe that, it is time to stand up to fight back “TPLF” representatives who lectured us in the name of peace.

      1. Imagining the comment given for unauthorized writer, Mr. Tezera Assegu, he has had been one of the parliamentary organ body who served during the TPLF/EPRF regime. But, soon after his choice not to continue with the government he left the country, while was he in his most comfortable zone.
        I, being his brother may be lob-sided, but the writer has never slept for struggling Ethiopia and Ethiopians freedom, unity and integrity since the time he left the country.
        All we need to know is the right issued for individuals to express such notes and opinions for supernatant countries ever wishing to ride poor countries, but rich in history and natural resources, for undefined years.
        Mekonnen Assegu

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