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We Call upon Our People to Launch Organized Defense against the Ever Menacing State Terror!

That our organization the National Movement of Amhara(NaMA)’s tireless effort, on the one hand to resolve for good the legally and structurally entrenched political betrayal of our people spanning scores of years; and on the other hand its endeavor, in coalition with affirmative forces, to save our people and country from existential threats, is a reality recognized by all genuine observers.

Though our diligence is not a gesture offered to anyone, we have reached here without losing our faith in the possibility of “a better future” even in the midst of most trying conditions.

As we repeatedly impressed upon the government, besides our unceasing endeavor to ground fundamental ideas of change and to enable the people achieve sustainable peace and empowerment by straightening up the incorrect organizational narrative and imbalanced structural and systemic framework, NaMA and Amhara people have in particular played vital role in all efforts to prevent the collapse of the country and the central system.


1/ The Prime Minister of our country and Oromo Prosperity Party led by him have intensified their atrocities against Amhara people by deploying the state machinery and national resources and abetting, supporting and even commandeering state terror. NaMA believes that the large-scale genocide launched to terrorize our people is directly supported and commanded by the state apparatus. It is possible to present the following major cases in point፦

a/ That from the very outset, the sabotage in which the group which the Prime Minister often calls “OLF-Shanne” entered the country armed to the teeth;

b/ That the Premier’s previous secret relationship of trading information with the said organization is alluded by many including himself is well known, and our movement firmly believes the PM is still playing a role in organizing, supporting and nurturing in various ways his lifelong partner;

c/ That the “OLF-Shanne” core strategic leadership quartered in central Addis Ababa is allowed and facilitated to consolidate its power by orchestrating even the looting of banks in broad daylight;

d/ That let alone halting the repeated ethnic attacks against the Amhara people, the mass massacre itself is denied any national note of condolences and the PM continues to level horrifying public insults to our mourning spirit by hosting red carpet ceremonies of building and garden launches;

e/ That while the ethnic attack against the Amhara people is being planned and orchestrated, even top government officials continued with impunity to air preemptory public speeches for the execution of genocidal crimes without facing any administrative or political reprimands;

Our movement is thus forced to believe that the Prime Minister and his government have roles in the terrorist and genocidal actions against the Amhara people.

2/ The Amhara regional government is unable to withdraw from its natural and customary state of servitude, and its increasing callousness and fickleness has incurred our people unparalleled social disgrace;

NaMA has reached the conclusion that Amhara people need to step up from the usual path and enter into a coordinated and intensified chapter of the struggle for defending and ensuring their very survival. And NaMA will stand at the forefront of the struggle.

NaMA also strongly urges all Amhara people to exercise the natural right of self—preservation by recognizing the looming existential threat and by admitting that there is no state to care for its security. In this challenging times, we urge our people to ever consolidate and safeguard its unity from the insidious threats of individuals and groups impostoring as friends while standing as enemies.

We extend our calls to all Ethiopians at home and abroad who love their fellow countrymen and women to recognize the impending menace will not stop with the Amhara people. We call upon then to denounce the systematic genocidal project perpetrated under the auspices of the Ethiopian government. We urge them to support in the rehabilitation efforts for the hundreds of thousands of internally displaced Amharas.

We call upon those who are standing with the regime from a genuine sense of help for your country to reassess the prevalent situation in the nation, to raise concerns and stand besides your sidelined countrymen.

We also extend our historic call to all Amharas living at home or abroad to discharge your duties of saving the people, by understanding the country is drenched by Amhara blood every single day, and admitting Amhara people are exposed to general existential threat; to urgently abandon the customary groundless and fickle politics which would result in moral and historical accountability, and take a human, compassionate and genuine political stand for the people.

We Will Ensure Our Survival by Our Struggle!

We Will Scribe Our Fate in Our Own Hands!

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