Video – Aba Dula Gemeda was confronted by an angry Ethiopian protesters in Minnesota

Aba Dula Gemeda was confronted by an angry Ethiopian protesters in Minnesota

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  1. look at the face of this fascist thug. he is one of the dogs that tplf trained to bark in order to fill his belly. his only purpose in life to fill his belly. even if he has to kill his mother he will.

    • tomm – even though you are blinded by hate and ignorance and can’t see what is happening in our beloved Ethiopia, real CHANGE is taking place all over the country. Yes, the once forgotten (for centuries), Ethiopian Oromos are the major players in changing the face of the nation, and they are the ones who have benefited immensely from the growth and transformation of Ethiopia. Aba dula has also done a lot, representing his fellow Oromos. What is said in Minnesota and what is being done in Ema Ethiopia is totally different stories. Hope you will wake up and smell the coffee, one day, before you die. Aba dula is one of the selfless Ethiopians who are leading a purposeful life, not the kind of person you’re trying to portray. May God continue to bless and protect him!

  2. – The son of Ras Makonnen Woldemichael Gudessa(an Oromo from Gara Mulaata Harar) was born Tafari Makonnen on July 23, 1892, later Emperor Haile Selassie. When removed from power he ruled Ethiopia for 54 years and was 84 years old.
    – General Aman Michael Andom was ethnic Eritrean.
    – General Teferi Benti was ethnic Oromo.
    – Mengistu Hailemariam Wolde Ayana, was an ethnic Oromo and on his mother’s side ethnic Konso.
    – Melese Zenawi Asres was half Eritrean and half ethnic Tigre.
    – Hailemariam Desalegn is from the Wolayita ethnic group.
    All these leaders speak an Ethiopian language called Amharic as a working language and call themseleves Ethiopians. As long as a nation called Ethiopia exists, though it is no official language right now Amharic is going to be used in several regions of Ethiopia.
    An Eritrean friend of mine surprised me by telling me that there is a new discussion among the Eritreans to introduce the Amharic language in their schools in Eritrea, He kept on arguing that Ethiopia is going to be regional economic power and the language makes many Eritrean young people it easier for them to get jobs and integrate in the Ethiopian society. I am dumbfounded.

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