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Urgent statement regarding the military bombardment of Debre Elias churches in Ethiopia

May 30, 2023

May 29, 2023

APF urges the international community to denounce the military assault on Ethiopian Orthodox churches in Debre Elias Woreda, Amhara Region, carried out by the Abiy Ahmed regime.

Debre Elias is renowned for its historic Silassie Monastery, which houses invaluable ancient books and religious artifacts, some dating back over 600 years..

The indiscriminate bombing of this significant religious and cultural site by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s military is not only a concern for Ethiopians but also for the global community.

The federal military, under Abiy Ahmed’s leadership, has employed destructive weapons such as the truck-mounted Zu-23 guns, resulting in the loss of at least 7 innocent civilians within and near Silassie Monastery. The government has yet to provide an official explanation for launching this extensive military attack in Debre Elias.

It is imperative that the international community takes immediate action to prevent the Abiy Ahmed regime from committing war crimes against the churches of Silassie Monastery, its monks, students, and the residents of Debre Elias Woreda.

Additionally, APF appeals to the people of Ethiopia to swiftly assist Debre Elias in its time of need.

Dr Omer Shafi
Tel +1 (571) 594-1508

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