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Urgent Call for Unified Action by OLF

May 18, 2014

An urgent Call for Unified Action by OLF

May 18, 2014

Kemal Gelchi

The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) under the leadership of Brig. Gen. Kamal Galchu would like to call upon all forces that work for democracy, justice and freedom in Ethiopia to openly denounce and condemn the massacre of innocent Oromo students and other members of the Oromo nation by the minority dictatorial regime in Ethiopia, and support the democratic and constitutional demands of Oromo Students.

The Oromo students in particular and the Oromo people in general have been struggling against the TPLF tyrannical regime in Ethiopia. By doing that the Oromo people and Oromo students have paid the ultimate sacrifice to exercise their unalienable God given human rights. The ongoing Oromo students peaceful struggle to halt the illegal displacement of Oromo farmers from their ancestral land under the pretext of integrated master plan development of Addis Ababa should be supported by all Ethiopian people’s irrespective of their ethnic back ground, region and religion. The hidden motive of the master plan is to uproot the Oromo farmers from their lands and to sell their lands for national and international millionaires under the pretext of development.

Similarly, we recall the recent Waldeba Monastery, a historic site established in the 4th century that was up rooted by the TPLF regime for sugar plantation which is a crime against historical heritage of the country.

We have also witnessed the forced displacement and villagization in Gambella region, where government forcibly moved tens of thousands indigenous people in the western Gambella region. The motive was to lease a large area of land for commercial agriculture. These indigenous people neither consulted nor paid adequate compensation. As a usual, they were left alone with nothing but despair. These are just few injustices committed by TPLF regime against Ethiopian peoples.

The TPLF regime was /is/ able to perpetuate these atrocities by pitting Ethiopian people against each other by spreading hatred and animosity that the Ethiopia peoples thus far could not be able to form strong united action against this barbaric regime. These inhuman actions of TPLF should not be allowed to continue. What the TPLFregime has already done against all Ethiopians , and currently against Oromo students should be a wakeup call for all Ethiopia peoples to be united and get eliminate this savage regime. All democratic forces and all Ethiopian nations and nationalities should come together for the sake of our people and forge unified action soon. If these atrocities are allowed to continue unabated, the TPLF diabolical motives will knock all doors that the sooner is the better to form unified action against this looming danger on all Ethiopian peoples. Unless we overcome the TPLF’s malicious policy of divide and rule soon, we will remain slave and destitute in our country. The TPLF will do all tricks in the book to remain in power for ever. Though we are saddened and outraged by the massacre of Oromo students, their blood will urge us to form unified struggle against the TPLF regime. Silence under this condition business as usual is a triumph for TPLf evil action. If left unchecked, today’s Oromo students and Oromo people’s sufferings may be the suffering of other peoples in Ethiopia tomorrow, let‘s unite against this regime leaving aside our minor difference that will be decided by Ethiopia peoples. The urgency is to be united and remove the TPLF regime in all means necessary by having unified voice nationally and internationally.

Therefore, we call upon all forces that work to bring down the TPLF dictatorial regime to work together to create a new Ethiopia where all of its peoples live in freedom, peace, equality and justice under rule of law.

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)


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