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UN Deputy Chief Shaken By Ethiopian Conflict’s Impact On Women

February 12, 2022

AFP, Reuters

UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed has met with the Ethiopian women facing some of the most horrifying consequences of the Tigray conflict. Their accounts, she said, left her near tears.

UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed said Friday that women had faced “unimaginable” horrors in conflict-torn regions of Ethiopia.

Mohammed became the highest-ranking UN official to visit Ethiopia since the government launched an offensive against the militants in the Tigray region in 2020.

The UN’s no. 2 was speaking to reporters in New York a day after returning from the East African nation.

During her five-day trip, she visited the Tigray, Amhara, Afar and Somali regions in Ethiopia. She met with Tigray’s leaders and Ethiopia’s prime minister and president.

The former Nigerian minister also talked to local leaders, civil society members and many women.

Mohammed said she was left near tears after listening to the accounts of rape from Ethiopian women.

What did Mohammed say?

“Ethiopian women, writ large, were affected in a way that is unimaginable,” Mohammed said. “In your worst nightmares, you cannot imagine what has happened to the women in Ethiopia.”

She spoke to women who recalled their trauma, including being raped in front of their children.

Mohammed met a woman in Tigray who had been gang-raped over and over again. That woman had given birth to a son and was cast away from her family and society.

“There is everyone to blame” for the atrocities, Mohammed said, adding that “it’s unacceptable that one human being would do that to another.”

“Without a shadow of a doubt, justice and accountability have to be had,” she said.

She said the warring parties “cannot achieve any lasting peace without reconciling and being held to account for the atrocities across the country.”

What’s the present situation in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia erupted into war in November 2020 after months of political tension between the Ethiopian government and Tigrayan fighters.

The conflict has claimed thousands of lives and pushed hundreds of thousands into famine.

Rights groups have accused fighters on all sides of widespread sexual violence.

adi/dj (AFP, Reuters)


  1. It is very sad to see such high officials play acting.
    A genocide with the potential of becoming the gravest human tragedy ever has been unfolding in Ethiopia for three decades. A political system, masterminded, financed and supported by the West, has been pushing the country relentlessly towards this grand Genocide and it is sickening to hear such dignitaries faking shock at some of the manifestations of ‘their’ work.
    It is with the full knowledge and support of the west and the so called international community that the genocide against the Amhara and orthodox Christians has been waged. Data has not been scarce or hidden. Mass burials of slaughtered innocent Amhara are typical tragic news of the three-decade TPLF rule. Following the rise of Abiy Ahmed to power, these mass graves of innocent Amhara victims have become monthly occurrences. The UN has many offices in Ethiopia. UN staff know about the muss murder, burning, forced displacement and dispossession of the Amhara and other ethnic groups. To impose an ethnic apartheid political system on a people, to give it military and financial aid, to provide it with the diplomatic and propaganda support and later express shock as the system starts manifesting results is hollow and totally pretentious.
    A message to the so-called “West”. You are not an innocent bystander. You created, imposed and enabled this genocidal system, and if is not arrested, the greatest human tragedy ever will unfold.

    We can’t let this happen. We shouldn’t let this happen. Nor should we let the enablers of the system fake “shock”.

  2. Subject: “UN Deputy Chief Shaken By Ethiopian Conflict’s Impact On Women” FEBRUARY 12, 2022, AFP, Reuters

    Humble Commentary, 12 Feb 2022
    My admiration goes to the Writer ( ‘ahoon’ ) for describing the atrocities applied upon the Decent, Honest Human Beings — THE BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE in the entire African Continent and anywhere else around the Globe where BLACK PEOPLE live [to be exact >>> “exist” ]. In simplicity, the inhuman attrocities committed upon the BLACK PEOPLE, during CENTURIES around the Globe, CANNOT be covered in less than seven hundred volumes, of ‘seven-hundred pages’ of books!!! If this seems to be EXAGGERATED it is because the treatment upon the BLACK COLOURED AFRICAN RACE was too cruel, too inhuman to believe what was, and still, shockingly and blindingly glaring!!! Only the victims feel the depth of the shocking Act by the so-called “CIVILIZED ?!” people with colours other than black. And so the Globe keeps on rotating, with its …. load for eternity. NO END

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