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UN adviser warns of genocide risk in Ethiopia

October 11, 2023

Just yesterday, UN Under-Secretary General anDear Friends and Colleagues: UN Under  Secretary and UN Special Advisor on the pevention of genocide  confirmed the Red Alert  on Genocdie in Ethiopia issued by the Lemkin Institute for the Prevention of Genocide that I shared with you. An extract of her presentation is shown below. She singles out the Afar, Amhara, Oromia and Tigray regions as the locations of genocide.
I am delighted to learn that the Tigrean community has determined and agreed that the people of Tigray must join the Amhara cause and side with Amhara. One of the speakers at the forum of Tigreans pinpointedd who is accountable for war crimes, crimes against humanitity, crimes of ethnic cleansing and genocide. He urged Tigreans to side with and support the Amhara rebellion, Amhara fighters, Fano and the Popular Front.
Our Tigrean compatriots agreed that Abiy’s regime committed¬†these crimes, including a state of siege weaponizing foods, telecom. electricity and other essentials in Tigray and¬† is repeating them in the Amhara region. The Amhara region is denied of foods, medicines, and telecom. services and electricity. The intent is to starve Amhara to death.
I urge you to listen to two news broadcasts in Amharic: one released by Feta and the second by Dere News.
Aklog Birara , DR



The UN special adviser on the prevention of genocide, Alice Wairimu Nderitu, warned Tuesday of the heightened risk of genocide and related crimes following increased violent clashes in four Ethiopian regions.

Wairimu Nderitu said she is alarmed at the heightened risk of genocide and related atrocity crimes in Afar, Amhara, Oromia and Tigray following reports of continued fighting between government troops and local militias.

“Reports that we see coming out of Ethiopia are deeply disturbing and constitute a call for action,” she said in a press release.

“I want to particularly draw the attention of the global community to the continued presence of risk factors for genocide and related atrocity crimes in the country.”

The special adviser cited reports of assailants killing entire families and forcing relatives to watch horrific crimes against their loved ones while whole communities were displaced or expelled from their homes.

“The suffering of innocent civilians should never be accepted as inevitable. Rather it must reinforce our commitment to ensure that impunity does not prevail and that all possible prevention actions are prioritized,” she said.

Wairimu Nderitu called for an immediate end to wide-ranging violations perpetrated by parties to the conflict since November 2020, including mass killings, rape, starvation, destruction of schools and medical facilities, forced displacement and arbitrary detention.

“It is imperative that violence stops and that innocent civilians are not directly targeted. Ongoing hostilities constitute a war against civilians as much as a war between the warring parties,” she said.

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