Uhuru Kenyatta: Jomo Kenyatta Is Turning in His Grave

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The Queen of Sheba
March 08, 2021

Uhuru Kenyatta: Jomo Kenyatta

We received the tragic news of Kenya voting at the UN Security Council with the other 11 countries against Ethiopia—with huge sadness, disappointment and rage. This is a country of Jomo Kenyatta, one of Africa’s anticolonial icons—and Ethiopia’s great friend.

When fascist Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935, Kenyatta was in London at the time. He was so enraged by the invasion, he ultimately became the honorary secretary of the International African Friends of Abyssinia. More so, when Emperor Haile Selassie fled to London in exile, Kenyatta himself personally welcomed him at a station.

This group further emerged into a wider pan-Africanist organisation, the International African Service Bureau, of which Kenyatta became one of the vice chairs. Following the bitter struggle led by Mau Mau headed by Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya won its independence in 1963.

That year, the two African leaders along with 30 others, founded the Organization of African Unity standing shoulder-to-shoulder.

Those were the days charged with courage, heroism and bravery.

The African Union: Where Are the Principles?

The African Union preaches African solutions to African problems. It has made some visible strides, though it is yet to live up to expectations. There are still quite a good number of unprincipled and spineless leaders who swear by it, but promptly disregard it in their deeds.

The other two countries which voted against Ethiopia is Niger and Tunisia. Well, Tunisia may be pressured through the Arab League to vote against Ethiopia. And we can handle that—as the League has always stood against Ethiopia’s interest.

Niger has probably very little social, economic and political ties with Ethiopia which could be promptly swapped for some crumbs from the major actors who are orchestrating the drama to undermine the country.

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Here is the enigma: Why is Kenya blatantly forsaking its longstanding, solid and warm relationship with Ethiopia for a US government whose shelf life is only four years? While we may recognize the heavy pressure from the major parties to act as such, this could not be an excuse for abandoning an eternal neighbor.

For that matter, one wonders how the African Union pursues its principles of African solutions to African problems in light of such incoherent acts.

The League of Nations: Undiminished Memories

In 1935, Ethiopia stood in the League of Nations, the predecessor to the United Nations, to protest the Italian invasion to the world. The world ignored its plea. When Italy used chemical weapons in the war, the world stood by and watched again.

Soon, the fascists who mercilessly slaughtered Ethiopians, in thousands, turned against the key members of the self-serving league, by joining Nazi Germany. It is only when they came under attack that they opted to support the country’s independence struggle.

In this latest United Nations Security Council meeting which ended without an agreement, three countries came to argue in Ethiopia’s favor: China, Russia and India. While they may have their own strategic reasons for doing so, Ethiopians from around the world are expressing their gratitude for their support, which they continue to count on.

The Concealed Narrative, If Anyone Is Looking

Ethiopia’s detractors have sufficiently managed to conceal the identity of the culprit of all this crisis. And yet, as bombastically admitted by the now deceased senior TPLF cabal, they preemptively attacked the Northern Command—which accounts some 70 percent of the country’s defence force—in a thunderous speed.

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What makes this treason so tragic and cowardly is that the cabal attacked the base in the middle of a dead night while the army was asleep—systematically targeting Amharas and Oromos. In so doing, they planned to walk into Addis Ababa in 10 days and occupy Asmara in 7 days. That was their miserably failed plan which was promptly rejected by virtually all non-Tigrayan military personnel.

When the insurrection was finally crushed and the Ethiopian defence forces took an upper hand, over a thousand federal and police forces were already savagely slaughtered by spraying them with bullets pointblank, slitting their throats and bellies, quashing them with heavy trucks, and cutting breasts of women soldiers. And more.

As the crushing defeat on the field became evident, the cabal’s marauding army and militia roamed house to house in My-Kadra slaughtering Amhara civilians, including women and the elderly. Over 1,000 civilians were massacred by these fleeing forces who now have taken refuge in Sudan (who until this day are used as sources on the war for major media outlets). Even Amnesty International, which appears to be in the pockets of the cabal now, admitted the massacre at the time.

The Uncontested Facts, If Anyone Cares

Let’s provide the hard facts on the ground for some who may have voted without the benefit of information on the state of play right now.

The major conflict has effectively ended—with perpetrators either captured or neutralized.

Humanitarian assistance, of which 70 percent is supported by the Ethiopian government, is flowing; and according to the latest report has already benefitted over 3 million in Tigray.

The infrastructure—roads, power, communication, hospitals, schools—which was systematically destroyed by the cabal—has been restored to be occasionally wrecked again by remnants of its forces.

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The government has also invited major media outlets to report on the situation without any restrictions.

The government has also invited international organizations to investigate alleged atrocities as it has also started its own.

The government has already named an interim-administration to run the region with life slowly returning to normal.

These are the hard facts and it is simply befuddling what else does the so called international community demands from Ethiopia further when the government has already acceded to all of them. The international community must deal with the mountains of lies, fabrications, misinformation and disinformation—spewed by the cabal remnants and their operatives—which have massively smothered the hard facts.

In Conclusion: A Message

The cabal is dead and any effort to resurrect it by whatever means shall fail.

Make no mistake: this is not simply the unwavering position of the government but the great majority of Ethiopians.

            Even if the government is unduly pressured to bring the remnants of the dead cabal from their graveyard, its actions may backfire and could also be suicidal.

All detractors—including cabal shenanigans and paid operatives hiding in thinktanks, research institutions, universities and media outlets—should be so sure that Ethiopia shall prevail—because that is what it is. It triumphed over colonialism, occupation and appeasement of its enemies in the past. This time will not be different.

Finally, we hope others, particularly Kenya, vote in Ethiopia’s favor when the UN Security Council meets again on the country this week.

Because, Jomo Kenyatta is turning in his grave.

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  1. I’m not saddened because with all this diplomatic effort and misinformation by the fans and pals of the goons of the TPLF someone will go along with it. Kenya like any other country is entitled to its opinion. Now the work is cut out for the Abiy administration to intensify its diplomatic work beginning with its neighbors. What could Kenya’s decision to support the resolution presented to the UN Security Council mean? It can open the door for the goons of TPLF to seek refuge in Nairobi and use it as another base to spew around misinformation and their main patented product: bigotry. Officials of Abiy’s administration should be hard at work diplomatically to not let that happen. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Debre and his goons had hurled deadly missiles at civilians places of work both in Ethiopia and Asmara where properties were destroyed and Allah Blessed human lives were lost. That is crime against humanity. So let’s not give up on Kenya. Let’s also not forget the fact that the resolution was Ireland. Ireland was the first country to show up on that horrible field where hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians were starving to death in 1984. History has shown enough that Ireland has been the friendliest nation to Ethiopia among European countries. Its officials must have obtained substantiated evidence that some grave improprieties had/have occurred in this on-going law enforcement campaign. Somebody must have lost his composure at some point somewhere. I’m gonna wait until a report come out by an independent investigating group before I pass judgments.

  2. It has changed my view of the western world when I see that most western medias and myopic leaders unsubstantiated allegation regarding the law enforcement activity in Tigray region of Ethiopia, which the government of Ethiopia was dragged by the most destructive & ill-gotten military junta which committed a heinous act on humanity by stabbing and hacking to death innocent civilians at Maykadra and on the national defense force by mutilating the breast of female army soldiers. It is unusual for leaders in the western world which have prominent positions are trying to rescue the ill willed and blood socked military junta from elimination & embarrassment. Shame on you.
    The baseless claims made by western medias have created what may prove an indelible association of those pigs who chose to join the disinformation campaign while the truth behind the law enforcement activity is to maintain law and order in the country which was carried out with at most care for civilians in the region.
    Irresponsible western Medias are still pledging to do everything to weaken and destabilize Ethiopia. Ethiopians have seen a flicker of democracy in the last two or three years and are hoping for a better future and are working together with an ambitious plan to get out of poverty. Unaccountable few who behave in ways the general public in Ethiopia would never tolerate will never succeed.
    God bless Ethiopia.

  3. All this shameful whining by the author about Ethiopia this and Ethiopia that….Ethiopia is in the hands of a narcissistic delusional tribal leader who cannot see beyond his Oromuma ideology. Why don’t you write articles about the ethnic cleansing of Amharas in Oromia by the OLF with the implicit help of the Oromia regional government. Why don’t you write about the other ethnic cleansing in MeTekel of Amharas by OLF and Gumuz militias. Not just Uhuru Kenyatta but Paul Kagame and other respected African leaders are showing their distaste for Abiy. Look inward the problem is abiy. He is not fit to lead a village let alone a country of 110 million. He has failed and is continuing to fail. You will see even more isolation of Ethiopia because of his failures. Who is our ally Issu of Eritrea c’mon how desperate is that … a criminal as our only ally. Oh and Abiy just released Keria Ibrahim a TPLF cadre but Eskinder Nega is still in jail. DONT WASTE OUR TIME WITH YOUR ARTICLES. You sound like uncle Al

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