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Two Names Solution For the Conflict Between Pro-Ethiopia and Pro-Oromia Nationals!

oromiaFayyis Oromia
The ongoing #OromoProtest for the last four months clearly showed us the exisitng very deep mistrust between the Ethiopian lovers and the Oromian promoters. Oromians are paying huge sacrifice of their life, while pro-Ethiopia opposition groups are endlessly discussing about the motive of the movement and who are behind it, instead of joining the protest and galvanizing the freedom struggle. The main fear of the Ethiopianists seem to be about the possible civil war between the Oromo and others as well as about the eventual disintegration of the empire. Even the pro-Ethiopia rhetoric of the unionist Oromo in the ODF and OFC couldn’t help in convincing the other Ethiopianists about the union politics of the Oromo people, which is already labelled as “separatist movement” by the Abyssinian elites. Because of this mistrust, an inclusive and efficient revolution against the fascist and racist TPLF couldn’t yet erupt. Even there was a senseless arguement whether to call it Oromo protest or Ethiopia protest. In this arguement, there is a reflectioin of a conflict between two ‘citizen identities’: Ethiopiawinet (Ethiopian) vs Oromiawinet (Oromian). The million dollar question not yet answered is: how can the pro-Ethiopia elites and the pro-Oromia forces trust each other and protest in unison against the fascist regime?
It is a known fact that the Oromo are the only people with dual history in the state formation of the country and because of that having dual visions for its transformation. The Oromo were both in conquered and conqueror sides of the war in nation building. Now, among the Oromo community, some identify themselves with the conquered side and fight for liberation of Gadaa Oromia or change of Ethiopia to Great Oromia; the others see themselves as parts of the conqueror and struggle for the transformation of Ethiopia to democratic country. The first group are pro-Oromia, while the second are pro-Ethiopia. Now, the two blocs have a sort of conflict and sometimes they even see each other as enemies with irreconcilable conflict. I think we can have a synthetic common vision as compromise solution for the conflict; i.e use of two names (Ethiopia and Oromia) interchangeably for the same country, just as we are calling our capital Addisaba and Finfinne simultaneously.
Just as their Addisaba is our Finfinne, their Ethiopia is our Oromia. Because of the fact that the name Ethiopia is contaminated by the meaning given from the Greeks (burnt-face, which is almost the same to the N-word used against blacks) and by the content given from the Habesha (making Ethiopia equivalent to Abyssinian empire’s system of domination, excluding as well as exploiting the Oromo and the other nations), this additional name now or the possible change of the name in the future is mandatory, if we really want to live together. That is why I once asked the Habesha elites: why not you accept the name Oromia, rather than asking the Oromo to join you in loving Ethiopia? Surprisingly, the Abyssinian elites who tried to exclude the Oromo from the Ethiopian ‘citizen identity’ are now doing everything under the sun in order to persuade us to accept this same identity.
Simply put, I want to tell those who do have a similar attitude that the future of the empire will be either to be transformed in to a genuine union/true federation as the ODF planned, the union which can be given the name Oromia if the Ethiopianists agree or to just face the inevitable emergence of the Gadaa Oromia in a form of an independent republic as the OLF is trying to achieve. Both the Abyssinians and the Oromians know very well that Gadaa Oromia, being occupied by Abyssinia and kept within Ethiopia, will not last as long as they want. That is why we need to come to our senses and try to find a solution, in which we all do have a win-win compromise. Manipulating histories and legends is not what we have to do now. Important is a future-oriented creative thinking, which can benefit all the nations in the empire.
Above all, nowadays narrow the Ethiopianists define Ethiopiawinet (‘citizen identity’) as anti Oromia and use it as an instrument to antagonize Oromo nationalism. They know that Oromumma is now necessary to mobilize the Oromo for freedom struggle and they want to hinder this. To tackle such move of the exclusive Ethiopianists, the Oromo unionists with inclusive politics like the elites in the ODF and OFC better name the whole country Oromia, instead of Ethiopia, so that the Oromo not necessarily should accept the imposed ‘citizen identity’, but enjoy Oromiawinet as our second identiy; the first being Oromonet (Oromummaa = Oromoness). That is why Dawite Mekonnen sang about Oromiawinet (‘citizen identity’) and Abdi Nuressa did it regarding Oromonet (ethnic identity). Here are some reasons why that country should also be named Oromia:
– the Tigrai elites reduced both Oromia and the Oromo almost to half, just as planned by their leader Meles Zenawi to change the majority Oromo to minority, so it is better to reclaim the whole country than accepting the presently less than half Oromia ruled by the OPDO, which is determined by the anti-Oromo elites.
– Oromo is Cush and Cush is Oromo, implying that the other Cushitic nations (including the Amhara and Tigrai nations, who denied their Cushitic base) in the country are the offshots or progenies of the Oromo, so that they can be part and parcel of Oromia.
– according to some scholars, the whole country belongs to the Oromo and all the hitherto kings and leaders were Oromo, the Amhara being only soldiers of the governments.
– the brain and heart of the whole country (Finfinne) is the very center of the Oromo nation, so that any country governed or ruled from that center can be called Oromia.
– the Oromo is a single majority (about 60%) and the Oromo region covers more than 60% of the whole country.
– all economical, specially export, base of the whole country (coffee, gold, hide & skin, flower, caat…etc) are from the Oromo region.
– most of the arbenyoch (heros and heroins), who did build and kept the country as it is now, are Oromo and most of the athlets, who contributed for the fame of the country, are also Oromo.
– even the whole Gojjam and part of Gondar and Tigrai were Oromo and belongs to Oromia.
– the original Cushitic language in Meroe was highly related to Afaan Oromo and the other Cushitic languages are branched from it.
– Waaqeffannaa, the indigeneous religion of the Cushites, which was also Abraham’s own religion before the emergence of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, is still preserved among the Oromo people and it needs to be revived as unique religion of the country.
– the holy TREE (as mentioned in the Bible), under which the pre-Judaism religious peoples on earth sacrifised to their Waaqa, is still revered in the Oromo society.
– the known verse in the Holy book “Oromia stretches his hand to Waaqa” is named as Cush by the Jew and as Ethiopia by Greeks.
– Abraham Ashine of the Akkasum (Axum), who was Cushite is said to be more with Oromo charachters and told to have Oromo fighters during his invasion of Asia.
– the Oromo are told to be the indigeneous people on which the others are grafted.
– the study of Egypt showed more Afaan Oromo charachter than Amharic in relation with old Egypt inscriptions.
– the present country is built at cost of the Oromo, actually with life and limb of the Oromo people as well as with Oromo property.
– Oromo People are demographical majority to which all other peoples are highly related and Oromo region is a geographical center in which all peoples of the country enjoy life in harmony.
– the Oromo died for building and keeping the whole country and deserves to claim the naming as Oromia and their own region can be designated as Oromo region.
– ….. etc!
Some arguemnets against naming the country as Oromia are: name of one Ethnie can not be used for the whole multi-national country; it is imposing Oromo identity on others; it is neglecting the identity of other nations; it is just expansion of the Oromo territory; it shows Oromo chauvinism;…etc. But none of the arguements is correct. If we really want to have a union of free peoples, which can never happen if Gadaa Oromia will be Independent, it is necessary to call the future union as Oromia. All nations will have their freedom and autonomy within such a union called Oromia. Designating countries after the name of their biggest Ethnie is not new. E.g the name India is from the name of Hindi people, Russia from Russki and Spain from Spaniard.
Thus, I want to suggest all Oromo nationals to call the whole country Oromia, instead of Ethiopia just as we named Finfinne, instead of Addisaba. The others can further call it Ethiopia. For now we can follow this two names principle until we decide for one of them or otherwise in the future. To avoid any confusion, the present Oromia ruled by the OPDO can be called Oromo region, not Oromia. Oromia consists of the existing Oromo, Amhara, Tigari, Southern, Ogaden, Afar, Benishangul, Gambella & Harari regions. Countries having two names is not some thing new; for instance, Holland/Nietherland, Great Britain/United Kingdom, Germany/Deutschland & Egypt/Misir…etc. The Oromo people can call the whole country Oromia and tolerate the name Ethiopia, becuase of the fact that the positive image of Ethiopia is mainly due to Oromo’s contribution and due to its relation with ancient Cush civilization, to which the Oromo nation is the main part.
In summary, Oromia = formerly Ethiopia as defined here – http://finfinnetribune.com/Gadaa/2014/12/fayyis-oromia-why-not-the-union-state-of-oromia-as-an-optimal-solution-for-the-majority-at-the-center/ – is a union in which the following five points (FADOB-score) will be implemented: F = Freedom from the system of domination; A = Afan Oromo as a working language of federal government; D = Democracy as rule of game in the union; O = ‘Oromia’ instead of ‘Ethiopia’ as name of the union; and B = Black-Red-White as Cushitic flag of the union. This Upper Nile country called ‘Oromia’ by the native owners of the land is used to be named as ‘Abyssinia’ by the Portuguese; ‘Kush’ by the Jews; ‘Alhabesh’ by the Arabs; ‘Punt’ by the Egyptians; and ‘Ethiopia’ by the Greeks.
To help the two anti-TPLF camps (the pro-Ethiopia and pro-Oromia elites) to trust each other and cooperate in struggle, it is necessary that they agree on forging a union of free peoples after freedom from the existing apartheid system of the TPLF. The conflict in the ‘citizen identity’ can be solved by applying the above suggested two names solution. In that case, the Oromo should not necessarily accept Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet as well as the non-Oromo peoples must not identify themselves with Oromia and Oromiawinet. We can use both Ethiopia and Oromia interchangeably to name our future common home (union of free peoples). If it is necessary to choose from one of the two names or to give another name, that can be decided by the peoples in the country or by their representatives in the future democratically eleced parliament. Now, the Oromo better sing about only Oromia, Oromiawinet and Oromonet without confusing our youth with the rhetoric of Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet, which are already rejected by some members of our society because of the misuse of Ethiopiawinet by the Habesha elites. Thus, I again suggest that our unionists in the ODF and OFC call the whole country Oromia, instead of Ethiopia. The multi-national federation they want to foster after freedom can contain self rule of Oromo region within shared rule of Oromia.
Fayyis Oromia

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  1. Kkkk 60 percent of the country is Oromo land lol u sick people won’t stop the percentage day by day soon we will hear u saying 90 percent and one thing this idiot intentionally skip is the history of Oromo migration 300 years ago killing Amharas and other Ethiopians but OLF don’t want to talk about it rather they cry on the land they invade as if that has been their land lol dude once the country disentegrated Amhara people will have a right to reclaim the whole of Shawa from Oromo invaders

  2. Shame on the web master of this site who posts this kind of none sense.
    What a garbage!!!
    Let me remind something,the name Oromo was given to you from a German guy,second of all,you were not the native people of the nation according to many historians including Oromo writers.you came from souther part of our border.yet,you want to dectate how to call our country.this arrogance takes you no where.

  3. I think for me pro and anti should not raise hear it is all about freedom, dignity and feelings of belongness to the nation. as a whole. I beloved that all nation
    in Ethiopia is a stem. if we cut it it will dry! let as keep it alive and fight pests .

  4. Galatooma to you too habibti
    I like how you kinda-sorta admit all the things DR Fikre TOLOSSA has been talking about all his life. based on the commentary it seemed to me that you pretty much enjoy the idea of ETHIOPIA being removed completely and instead install the identity of Oromia. You kind of mentioned some historical “facts” but instead of going into elaborating those areas of interest and exploring them further; you decided to use it as a platform to talk about the OLF manifesto which has been unchanged since the inception of the party in the 60’s.
    Now since I am not a historian nor a researcher of any kind I will not be trying to present my ideas as to why I believe you are wrong in that academic sense. On the contrary I want to question the validity of your “idealistic” view of Oromia from a point of view since I am someone who considers himself to be a member of the Oromo tribe, citizen of the nation of Ethiopia and citizen of the African Continent.
    The so called pro-ethiopia elitist groups are not as organised or armed as you would think or Jawar led you to believe they are. instead it is a democratic and independent spirit of the youth of many Ethiopians across the world. This includes those of Oromo tribe members such as me. Numerous times I have been labelled by others as being phoney and fake for saying we all shall come and create a country not dominated by one ethnic group. As you are reading this I expect you to question my Oromo Identity and reject my point but here is the thing, my identity is mine and mine only and i can choose to follow any ideology I personally believe.
    I think Affan Oromo, Wollaita, Guraghe and Somali languages should be used as a governing language with Amharic. It would be illogical and futile to try to force only Oromiffa on 90 million plus people to speak it so that they can communicate better. Not only that considering the dominance of Oromo tribe in terms of size, it is dangerous for small ethinic groups to be forced to use only Oromiffa as their working language. These six languages geographically cover the majority of nation as such will make it easier if used to quench the anger and thirst the people have for having to speak only one language. Since we are talking about democracy, when citizens are given multiple options of language to use for the use of governance they are more likely to integrate and be feel like they are part of the country.
    But if the OLF elites and the like of you are only interested in renaming the country, forcing the use of Oromiffa, forcing the use of Qube, change the flag to that of OLF chosen colors which by the way is eerily similar choice of colors to those of arab nations simply wont cut it.
    One main thing i want to mention before concluding my opinion on the matter is with that of naming a country. You have completely confused yourself when you said holland and netherlands are the same. I can help at this but laugh. Mate, YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE BLABBERING ALL THIS NONSENSE. Perhaps the following videos will give you some insight and allow you to have a more broad idea on the matter.
    Take carre

  5. Fayissa
    You are not different from Weyane. I am Oromo- Oromos themselves are suffering their people. Go to every cities and rural areas in Oromoia- how Oromo cadres- enslave, kill and brutally throw them to jail. I am one of the victim. your nonsense tale is far from truth. Oromos major problem is oppression by different regimes. We are speaking our language, and we were. we are maintain our cultures and we were. We are married with other ethnic groups and we were. We are eating together with them, sharing their happiness and sorrows and we were.
    You Satan!
    Stop deceiving us and our people. You are one of the reasons for our problem.
    Our chronic enemies are people like you. Stop telling us this evil tales. Other Ethiopians are living with us for generations. Stop your hatred!!! We are Amharas and Tigres and they are Oeomos. The difference is culture and languages only.
    In the places where I grew up- Near Addis Ababa, who are the kebele chair? who are CEO in the Municipality? who are saling our land without consultation? are they not from Bale, Arsi, Wollaga, Hararghe? In the name of Oromo, they are ruining us. I wish I would destroyed people like you who would always like to shed innocent bloods!!!

  6. ሰላምታ ለአገሬ ሰው፤ ወያኔ ስለተጨነቀ ሁሉንም ነገር ይሞክራል እናም የዚህ ጽሁፍ ይዘት የወያኔ ይመስለኛል ካልሆነ ግን ለፀሃፊው ያለኝ ምክር አጥማቂው መምህር ግርማ ሥራ ጀምረዋል የማያምነውንም ያድናሉ፤ አንድ ብዙ ነገር የታዘበ ፀሃፊ ዲሞክራሲ የተቀዳው ከኦሮሞ ነው የነሶቅራትስ ፍልስፍና የኦሮሞ ነው ካላችሁ በቅርቡ ደግሞ ክርስቶስ ከቦረና የሄደ አባ-ሙዳ የሚባል ኦሮሞ ነው እንደምትሉ መገመት አይከብድም ማለቱን አንብቤአለሁ፤
    ቸር ይግጠመን፤

  7. Naming, naming , , , the whole page dedicated to calling the country Ethiopia in another oromo name , rechristening of Ethiopia in Oromo as if names can heal 136? years old wound.
    Oromo question is all about self rule and the quest to enjoy political, social and economic freedoms on a land he calls biyya Abbaa koo. Period

    • I think there is some power in a name. The name Ethiopia has been attached with brutal suppression, domination, injustice and forced union. Thus, I see the suggestion to be a brilliant piece of idea. But attaching the name to one ethnic group may not be desirable. We may rather use some neutral names such as ‘Felege Ghion’, ‘Selam’, ‘Bet Selam’, ‘Tesfa’, ‘Felege Tesfa’, ‘Hedase’, ‘Hebret’, … The old name invokes all bad things that has happened to the broad masses of the country and incites only bad memory. Let’s renew our history by renewing our naming. Whatever it is please choose a new name that reflects the hope and desires of the people.

  8. There is another development today.
    PM Desalegn has been under ultimatum by our indomitable freedom fighters to sign a number of documents encapsulating the independence of Oromia. One of the documents calls for an unconditional apology coupled with reparations for the lives of people lost during the liberation struggle. He had signed that document yesterday and expressed his overdue apology today. My reliable sources have informed me that the neftegna army has started evacuating Oromia and by the end of this month all is left is to proclaim independence.
    In the meantime, our Oromo patriots are very hard at work to bring into the fold all those very capable Oromo intellectuals who strayed into the politics of the neftegna in the past so they will play instrumental roles in building the new Republic of Oromia. I was told that our precious daughter Birtukan Mideksa has joined the struggle. Professor Al G/Mariam has been found to have very strong Oromo heritage and we will bring him into the fold also.

    • Hordoffa. I am Oromo but not part of your nonsense.
      there are many of us who laugh at your blood-seeking propaganda.
      We will fight you!!

  9. u have never and ever been reading historical accounts about Oromo people.
    By the way u have to strictly known that Oromo is not the indigenous nation of Ethiopia.
    do u know how the history of Oromo reconstructed”Oromo migration” to “Oromo expansion”

  10. You mean Minilik is Oromo by saying ”Oromo is Cush and Cush is Oromo, implying that the other Cushitic nations (including the Amhara and Tigrai nations, who denied their Cushitic base) in the country are the offshots or progenies of the Oromo, so that they can be part and parcel of Oromia.”?

  11. It is clear the sons and daughters of old Neftegnas are arrogant and assume them selves as superior in every thing. You think always that you are prime responsible for all fortune of the current “Ethiopia” regime. The history will not stop and wait for such backward thinking of the Habeshas. The turn and future is for oromo nationalists. But be aware that, only if non-oromo people respect the right and loyalty of the oromo people that the current image or country of “Ethiopia” will exist in the world map as a country. We tell you the truth, accepting or rejecting the truth is up to the non-oromo nationalists and Habeshas. Young oromo students, farmers and all community are not scarifying their life for nothing but for freedom and self determination of Oromia. Be flexible and thing again and again. Yesterday is not today; there is a change.

  12. I felt like I was reading some fiction! I’ve read somewhere about the German priest who created the word ‘oromo’while preparing a translation of the bible.Honestly speaking,I thought I was reading that German priest’s scribles from the grave!I’m saddened to know we’re still where we are-where shabiya and woyanie’ve always wanted us to be!Inside me, something tells me that for all we know, maybe it’s tesfaye g/ab once again,under another pen name!

    • A plausible explanation for such nonsense, I can only think of the likes of tesfaye g/b and gullible oromos

  13. Which Oromo are you guys talking about ? ? Those Habesha Oromos originally from Ethiopia, or those immigrant Oromos came from rewanda west Africa regions ?

    • Dear Awassa
      People like you are so rude and dedeb- very dangerous to the unity of our country. you might be Shabia’s recruit. We Oromos-Ethiopia is our land

  14. With all do respect I want every body to be rational, and realistic. The people of Oromia have been calling themselves for centuries, Oromo. You people can go to any corner of the Ethiopian Empire and investigate the truth about the name. In fact I feel it is not necessary to argue about this issue at all. I new the word Oromo when I turned seven years old. The German Priest did not tell me that, my parents told me. It is our ancestral identification as a nation.
    Second whether you like it or not whether we came from the bottom of The Indian Ocean
    or we from Madaa Wallabuu, we are here today in the Empire. Therefore we will not go anywhere. It means we will determine our future by choice.
    The third most disgusting thing that had taken place in the Empire has been the figure given out about the population of the Oromo Nation. Leave alone this huge fallacy, people have been forced to deny their origins if it is Oromo. Just to name one, Haile Sellasie, the Emperor.
    Our number has been distorted; jut look at the population of Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa,
    Wallo, Gojam, Yirgalem, and Harar, the residents are predominately Oromos, yet their numbers have been
    masked to be other people. Prime Minister Melese Zenawi and TPLF played tricks on this number hugely. I want any body who wants to extrapolate these numbers and come up with a good mathematical, and geographical, and linguistic evidences to tell the world the true figure about the people of Ormia. I ask people to stop distortions of numbers about the population of Oromia State. Just think of Wallo Dessie or the whole of Wallo region. We extend beyond that into Begemider and Gojam. Stop lies and open irrationality, deciet, dishonesty, evasion, fabrication and falasiification.

  15. Thoughtless Article.
    Writing for the sake of writing with hallow sense of spirit.
    Writing isolated from valid arguments to help enhance life.
    Writing intended to express personal anguish at the expense of suffering by others.
    Dead Ended.

  16. “I offer neither pay, nor quarters, nor food; I offer only hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles and death. Let him who loves his country with his heart, and not merely with his lips, follow me.”
    Giuseppe Garibaldi

  17. Different roots of Oromos in Ethiopia.
    There are some Oromos immigrated into West Africa and South Africa in the 16th centure, but there are also huge Ethiopian Oromos communing ties throughout Ethiopia that linked by blood with Amhara and Tigrean Ethiopians (Habesha).

  18. I think there is some power in a name. The name Ethiopia has been attached with brutal suppression, domination, injustice and forced union. Thus, I see the suggestion to be a brilliant piece of idea. But attaching the name to one ethnic group may not be desirable. We may rather use some neutral names such as ‘Felege Ghion’, ‘Selam’, ‘Bet Selam’, ‘Tesfa’, ‘Felege Tesfa’, ‘Hedase’, ‘Hebret’, … The old name invokes all bad things that has happened to the broad masses of the country and incites only bad memory. Let’s renew our history by renewing our naming. Whatever it is please choose a new name that reflects the hope and desires of the people.

  19. I want to prove the assertion that the word Oromo is universal nomenclature among the people of East Africa before the arrival of the German priest to Ankober. Oromos existed all over the Horn of Africa. For example you can take the Oromo people who have been living in Kenya and spoke the afaan Oromo and have the same culture as the Oromo people in Ethiopian Empire. There are also Oromo people in Somalia who spoke the afaan as we do in Ethiopia and called themselves in Oromo.
    The German priest who came to Shawa during the rule of Sahile Sillasie lived in Ankober and had two students and was in a continues argument with the then priests from Gondar who were preaching the books of Ethiopian Orthodox dogma. He ventured towards to the free Oromo land before Shawan subjugations, invasions and occupation with the army of King Sahile Sillasse up to the current city of Addis Ababa if further, close to current city of Bishoftu 50 kilometers out Finfinne. The army started its expeditions from current geographic location of Menze and Tegulet and was let it go and was looting and burning peoples properties. Slaves were captured and sold out to external Arab traders or they were forced to work for the king. If you will the names lameBerat,Beklobet, Gotara tara, Arada Gigorgis (ardaa means meadow in Afaan) were names from Ankober which were transferred from the old capital Ankober to Oromo land Finfinee. Slaves were working for Shawan Kings in those establishments for the kings. The slaves and as well as the invaded country people told the German priest or that their nation’s name has been Oromo.
    It was then that he heard the name Oromo from the indigenous people of the central Oromia. He left and came back to Mombasa and met the Oromo people in Southern Port of Kenya. Most probably he might be the one who came back to England and published a book about Oromo Nation and our national name became well known around the world and Europe. I assure you, he did not invent the word Oromo. In addition you may refer to Portuguese, Arabic, and French sources for the accuracy of this assertion if you have a will and time to research. Forget the name given to us by the Ethiopian priest abba Bemire and his followers to who want to call us with a derogatory, disrespectful name.

  20. What makes you think all oroms are the same? Oromo is a very divers group, as the language itself is different from location to location, to assume and sum up all oromos into one nation is wrong it will bring peace and democracy, but endless internal conflict. What works is to create a smaller states like it was before each state with many different ethnic groups, so when the smaller ethnic groups or the minority right is protected we have democracy.

  21. Leenca Keenya ibsa bal’aa kana erga ijjara isaan marsitee gahaadha..Isaan ani Oromoodhaa jedhan kun Dhugaa sittin fakkaatin hayyee,Oromoon kamiyyuu daaimni amma dhalates,yoo ta’e,nama wan baratinis yo ta’e kan asiif baargamas kaameeraa seenaatiin faakkii kaafatanii onnee fi sammuu keessaas qabaniti…waalisaa Oromoo durirraa as kaasee hanga yoonati Biyyato Ethopya jedhe weelise,sirbe,ragade,geerare,mirriiyse,tirreeyse hinjiru jiraachuufis hin taa’an
    Biyyatoo Oromiyaa…Warren jedhan malee,Ali M.Birraara hanga Kadir Martuu fi Hacaaluun isa kaleesa wediseti.
    I am Oromo Warren jechaa comment sif godhan kun warra abbaa lafaatii beki,abbootii lafaa giraazmachi,dajachmachi,qanyiazmachi,Nafxanyaan Biyya teenya keessati habaqaalte,kan Qubee Generations asiti nu wajjin barachaa turan ta’uu hin dagatiin OROMO descendent, tribes and clan that was/is/will never called themselves Ethiopiawi.I think no Oromo’s from every direction mistakenly call ,say identify the above mentioned name.excuse me for calling that name now.it’s not from my perception, attitudes and saaafuu,qaanyii,salphina fi dhiphina hanqinaa fi dadhabinaa namni oromoo taee tokko hawaasicha keessati qabuuf duudhaa,aadaa,afaan,aartii,afoolaa sabichaatiif gufuu ta’a jedhamee Bifa Afoolaatiin oddu duriin,sheekof hibbon jollumarraa maatiin keenya itophiyaa hin je’in Oromia jedhii nun jechaa nu guddisaanii.maal isiniif goonaa jedhin

  22. The point is not about creating endless debate on historical facts. Our problem is current problem, we need practical solution. And it is unwise and shortsighted to spend time explaining the minor differences in opinion between individual oromos. It is more worse when it is done by an Oromo who claims to be a champion of Oromo struggle. It is better to spend time on things that will bring unity among the great people of Oromo. A democratically united Oromo is not a danger to the other people. It is rather undemocratic and unjust ideas among the oromos that will have a bad effect on other people. It is true that we are marginalized and oppressed. However, While struggling for our freedom We must not create fear among other people. We have to make it clear for all, our purpose is not to replace one group of marginalized people and oppressed people with other marginalized and oppressed people.

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