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TPLF Spokesman Admits Group Was Directed by US to ‘Take Control of’ Ethiopian Capital

\In a recent interview on Tigray TV, a spokesperson for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) said the group, categorized as a terrorist organization in Ethiopia, was directed by the US to seize power. Publicly, Washington has maintained a position of neutrality on the conflict.
“China’s intention is clear so I understand it. Whereas, the intention of the Americans is for us to enter Addis,” TPLF spokesperson Getachew Reda told Tigray TV’s Dimsti Woyane on December 8, according to a translation from Tigrinya by the Ethiopian outlet Borkena.

Spokesperson of #TPLF

reveals U.S. government’s interest for Tigrayan rebels to enter #AddisAbaba, forge an alliance with various political groups to avoid chaos. (Courtesy of #Tigray TV)

In a statement given to the US state media Voice of America’s Amharic-language service on Monday, the US Department of State denied Getachew’s comments, saying the US “has never encouraged the TPLF to expand its military operations or enter Addis Ababa.”

Getachew’s comments further confirm the contents of a video filmed on November 21 of a Zoom meeting between numerous American and European diplomats and Berhane Gebre-christos, a longtime TPLF official who served numerous diplomatic and ministerial roles during the TPLF’s 27 years in power, including a 10-year posting as ambassador to Washington, DC, and two years as Ethiopia’s foreign minister.

As Sputnik reported, the Western diplomats praised the TPLF’s gains and floated various scenarios about how Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the country’s first democratically-elected leader, might be forced to step down.
“I hope that you’ll have military success fairly soon, because it seems as if the situation is only becoming more drastic,” Vicki Huddleston, the former US deputy assistant secretary of defense for African Affairs and US assistant secretary of state for Africa, told Berhane. “Abiy should step down, there should be an all-inclusive transition government.”
The secretive meeting occurred under the auspices of a TPLF-connected think tank set up with financial backing from the US Agency for International Development (USAID), which is part of the US State Department, and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a CIA front group used to funnel support to US-aligned groups.

2 thoughts on “TPLF Spokesman Admits Group Was Directed by US to ‘Take Control of’ Ethiopian Capital”

  1. I don’t think this big laurel donning windbag Getachew is lying this time around. Debre doesn’t have to hear it directly from President Biden or Secretary Blinken. Someone must have opened his/her big mouth. Someone in the inner or outer circle in the current administration must have a conversation or two with a high ranking operative of Debre here in the West. It has to take place for walrus Getachew to boldly tell the world. Remember democracy is a collection/association of varying views. That is why fighting off controversies is its constant battle and this could be one of them. We gonna hear more about this. Someone is gonna spill the beans sooner or later. You remember that retired US ambassador and how she pleaded with Debre’s representative here in the USA to let his riff riffs march into the capital during that infamous Zoom mumbo jumbo. She did not even care the bloody mayhem that ensues. She did not care if Abiy’s election into office was gold certified by independent observers. A windbag like her must be on the prowl among President Biden’s entourage. I really don’t believe walrus Getachew is lying about this alleged encouragement. What in the dickens the world is coming to?

  2. Yetesfa Chilanchile

    So what the message for us except that the world communities get more picture of what US & your group doing such a mess though unsuccessful and fail on dreaming. A great mistake by both of you though America mission is different.

    Take care of EU human right meeting in Geneva & US for your tireless meeting and sabotage deliberately doing on sovereignty of Ethiopian people, truth prevails and at one time a group of you “Toys” will be liable on international court for the worthless and rubbish meeting to make imposition in Ethiopia. Anyways truth prevails and those countries who struggle for truth and justice still will stand with the side of Ethiopian people. They belong to terrorist group who play the game on world politics.

    Long live to Ethiopia, victory to people of Ethiopia!!

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