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TPLF Shooting and Killing Retreating Fighters , Captured Journalist

TPLF Shooting and Killing Retreating Fighters , Captured Journalist

2 thoughts on “TPLF Shooting and Killing Retreating Fighters , Captured Journalist”

  1. If this young man gave this account of what has been going on the battle fronts on Debre’s side while he is prison, it is a thundering no no with me. Prisoners no matter who are in agonizing distress once they are in custody of someone who they had seen as mortal enemy. Parading and putting them in a position where they will say anything to please their captors is against the Geneva Convention. Giving them the chance to send greeting to their loved ones is okay and should always be encouraged. Now all these international human rights groups are going to have a field day with this. Stop it and stop it now!!! It is not in our culture either

  2. Subject: “TPLF Shooting and Killing Retreating Fighters , Captured Journalist”
    News / September 25, 2022

    Humble Daring Opinion
    The above quotation is NORMAL in a world infested by individuals who are demented and believe that they matter most than any Human Beings.

    By the way, it does not matter if the self-praised individual, who orders the killing, have the highest Education Degree on Earth. It does not matter that countless books were read and dissertations wrote to get a Title as Doctor of Philosophy .

    The Killer is already hypnotized to believe he is different than others and believe he matters most than any other human beings. Consequentially, He believes, that he is entitled to the highest power on a place that he believes to be his own!!!! In short, he really believes he is “HITLER” of his region!!!!! Stretching of the MIND is not a new phenomenon.

    Poor ETHIOPIA, in spite of so many glories Leaders in time passed by, it is now — in the 2oth century — destined to be spoiled by Supremely confused individuals who have difficulty separating right or wrong — daylight or Night darkness.

    Indeed the admirable Rich History of BLACK AFRICAN, the Glorious ETHIOPIA — THE PRIDE of SO MANY — is now becoming the play ground of lunatics. WHAT AN ENDING !!! WHY? WHY? WHY? INDEED, WHY TO the fascinating Black African country called ETHIOPIA????

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