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TPLF Manifesto, Amhara was labeled as #1 enemy of Tigray

“The forgotten people” Why is the Ethiopians’ blood so thin?

Mekonnen Workineh, Norway, Nov 2012

Analogously , the Nazi manifesto of 1920 was anti-Semitic, anti-capitalist, anti-democratic, anti-Marxist, and anti-liberal.

Anti-Semitic was number one manifesto of Nazi Hitler and Anti-Amhara is number one manifesto of TPLF.

Hitler murdered 6 Million Jews. What happened 60 years ago is still fresh in the minds of Jews and is still haunting Germans, especially those whose family members were involved. Nazi criminals are still being hunted around the world and being brought to justice.

TPLF murdered more than 8 Million Ethiopians to date (G/Medhin Araya, former TPLF financial head). In the 2007/2008 senses 2.5 Million Amharas perished into the thin air; . Ethiopia has been under siege for the last 21 years by TPLF backed by the European Union, USA, and the United Kingdom. 1000s of Anuakes residences were red labeled and were massacred in a day light by this regime. Ogaden region was curtailed from international eye and mass murder, gang rape and torture crime is being committed by this same regime( , tens of thousands of Oromos, the majority group of the country, are languishing in jail all over the country. Tens of thousands are being evicted even this time, TPLF regime is dehumanizing the Ethiopian people, torturing and committing savage crime against poor farmers, elders and children. Involved in human trafficking crime,

Hundreds of thousands are leaving the country every year, thousands dying in the desert, drawing in seas and rivers, facing abuse, prison and death in Middle East, queuing in front of immigration offices around the world, crowding foreign prisons, the list of ordeal could go for days. When will the international community open its eyes and see what is happening to Ethiopian people.

Why do Ethiopians go exile? Because Ethiopia is poor? Because Ethiopians are not hard working? Because Ethiopia does not have natural resources to feed its people?

The answer to all the above questions is NO

The reason for all this is administration problem. Billions of dollars is flying out of the country illegally 11.7 Billion until 2009 (,

Fertile land of Ethiopia is being given away almost for nothing; Multinational corporate brag of feeding the world from Gambella region alone.


True Ethiopian people are weak at this time; True TPLF is strong with the help of the west in the name of stability. But how long will that last, why and how did Ruanda genocide happened? What was the recipe for that? What is the guarantee that such thing would not be repeated in Ethiopia if pushed to the edge? How long does iron fist last?

I urge all international community specially the Obama administration, the Cameroun administration, the European Union, to stop propping minority ethno centric fascist regime to undermine Ethiopian people.

Victory for Ethiopians!

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