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Top Secret about Ethnocentrism and Religion

March 31, 2013

By Dagmawi Gudu Kassa

Maybe instinctively reading what will happen in his country after some fifty years, HM Emperor Haile Silasie I is said to have delivered the following ominous speech in front of this world’s ‘best citizens’, the dignitaries, the ‘enlightened and chosen ones’ of this planet who were the then actors and actresses in the League of Nations.

“… that until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned; that until there are no longer first-class and second-class citizens of any nation; that until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes; that until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race; that until that day, the dream of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained.”

I understand that the Emperor said what he had said to teach the deaf and the blind in that hall of the so called League of Nations established and run by Mr. and Mrs. Gluttony and Injustice to control the wealth and gubernatorial reins of the habitat of the fledgling human race; the deaf and the blind who failed to believe in the oneness – in – God of all human beings and who believed blacks and yellows as subhuman and whites as superhuman, descendants of God Himself, God-incarnates; as if Mr. Blackman’s  brain is inferior to theirs; his blood less red, less number of  DNA and RNA traits, less chromosomal constitution,  less RBC/WBC than theirs; their body composition more dense, more pleasant with postural elegance, more intelligent,  more important, more – chosen  – by – God than his…

My black Emperor, who might have, and surely had, his own flaws as a human, had, among others, made peace in Nigeria between feuding tribes and caused the creation of one great nation in Africa. This historic event, an event any other entity failed to accomplish by then, by itself is a reminder of one biblical allusion: the ones who were at the rear will come to the front, and the ones who were at the front will go back to the rear. [not directly quoted]. It is enigmatic that we are now degenerated into an astounding level of decadence and abysmal quagmire wherein people of the onetime antidote of tribalism and ethnocentrism now have themselves become victim of the same agonizing problem that belittles a society to the level of becoming nonentity. To my surprise, especially as of the nineteenth century, this world has become unpredictably puzzling and even now, more astonishingly than ever, it remains to be undefined, mathematically speaking, like any number over zero.

Please allow me to improve my title, I prefer it to be: Ethnic Supremacy over the Skies of my country, my Country being Ethiopia and only Ethiopia. Deal? Let me hope so!

Between you and me:- If you come to Ethiopia now you may wonder in a degree you have never wondered hitherto. Ask why and how. I will tell you in brief below.

In a metaphoric expression, it goes without saying that Syria is Ethiopia or Ethiopia is Syria, victims of the minority. They share similar problems with an absolute semblance. Fearing the brutal consequence the Tigrian regime would inflict upon the people if any public protest arises, seemingly on a temporary basis, Ethiopia went to Syria and her problems popped up there. Otherwise, it is understandable that Syria is simmering in Ethiopia and when the time comes the Woyannes will go for good as Assad is nearly to go now.  12% there, 6% here with the same shape of governance characterized by all evils the history of this world has been registering, even beyond: genocide, ethnic cleansing, discrimination, deprivation of even the lowest animal rights. Syria is understood in Ethiopia as a token of “the minority shitting upon the majority.” You have all the right to label my diction as stupid and trash, as stupid and trash as anything born of ineptitude.

By the way, I would like to thank these websites: addisvoice.com, ethiolion.com, ethiopiazare.com, ethiopianreview.com, goolgule.com, maledatimes.com, and zehabesha.com. These courageous sites have entertained my arrogantly non-compromising but factual expository Amharic article entitled, ‘?????? ??? ??? ??? ?????’(please link it). They let their readers to discern the chaff from the wheat. They are not judgmental. They leave the job of judging to their visitors. Good job! They do not despise the knowledge of their readers. They do not play the role of babysitters. They quasi perfectly know what to do in the media. Moreover, they don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, which is the best quality of a sound personality. This judgment of mine is concerning their fair hospitality of my recent article and my praise is neither a fulsome nor a flattery; it is just a mild compliment which they deserve.

May I repeat it? Yea, ‘Syria is simmering in Ethiopia.’ In Syria, people of ‘after me the deluge’ are mutilating the nation into shreds, just into microscopic pieces if things go the same for the coming few months. As a matter of fact, people of ‘after me the deluge’ are those people who brainlessly do anything to maintain their advantages and try to accomplish any of their whimsical desires. They do not bother about reason and rationality. Their motto is based on this Amharic saying: ‘yetim fichiw, diketun[bitcha] amchiw’ which literally means, ‘It doesn’t matter whoever grinds it or wherever it is crushed or ground, but bring [only] the flour.’ Such people bother about the efficacy of the means, any means their malicious mind invents. Their guidance is “The end justifies the means”, not “The means justifies the end” kind of sober motive. Whenever they feel insecure, they can go to the extent of abolishing the entire world; there are multitudes of them in the world, in group form or individually. But they are too dangerous when they are in group form; they are airtight, you can neither infiltrate nor percolate or permeate. They have time and ‘blood’–proven foolproof tests to ferret you out and segregate you from the group if you happen to be there amongst them. They do not know compromise and negotiation as long as you stand against any of their interests most of which are illegally usurped from the majority. Trying to detach them from the unlawful acts they are engaged is the same as trying to detach a gnawing hungry hyena from a dead carcass of a donkey. The hyena will die gnawing in the same manner the Woyannes and their likes will die gobbling up their preys.

These people are tremendously dangerous and eccentrically treacherous who do not abide by any rule of law. They are not God-fearing. They are either irreligious or atheists; if at all they claim to be religious, they are far off the principles and doctrinal instructions of the religion. They do not have any moral and ethical values. Moreover, they are too changeable if they believe the change maintains their advantages. Psychologically, they are victims of paranoia accompanied with an insatiate id or boundless egoism which, again, causes them to develop an inflated form of megalomaniac behavior. This psychological crisis results in a grotesque image in their mind that makes them believe they are elephants while in reality they could be rabbits. They believe everyone in the society hates them, so they are always ready to exterminate anyone who they believe is their opponent. Believe me guys; the terms ‘mercy, superego, and love’ are almost non-existent in their vocabulary. Due to all these and other related reasons, these people turn out to be uncompromisingly formidable to have any deal with them. They would rather die than give an inch of the domain they forcibly seize. Once they ‘catch the tail of a tiger’, they will never let the tiger even get a breath for a while. They always fight with their defeated enemies; or even they may fight with the tornados and the mountains like Cervantes’ Don Quixote. They never trust in the victories they secure. Because they always live in a fearful state, they are sleepless enemies of their opponents. We can say that they are enslaved by their fears which again this condition exposes them to all sorts of psychopath. They always chase after their real and/or imaginary enemies. They literally fear everything, even their shadows.

Based on this ‘analysis’ about such brutal creatures, the best and the only way of removing them from power without causing much harm is taking a military action. Unless they are forced to leave the palace with the help of might, they never surrender to condemnation or sporadic demonstrations and incessant protests. Fake and nominal sanctions do nothing either. The people under their suffering can do much if they unite and close all options of attaining private economic and political independence. On the contrary, if the people are disunited and try to save their individual life by running helter-skelter in all directions, no one will take care of the nation and these ruined citizens continue their iron-fist ruling indefinitely. This has been the case in ETHIOPIA up until the present time. Nobody seems to bother about the fate of the country; almost everyone seems to worry about their own destiny. It is not bad to go to the US or Europe and make fortunes and concomitantly expose the plight of the nation in various ways of civil protest; but freedom necessitates something more than that. There is no free lunch! Syrian doctors and professors and engineers and millionaires and reputed citizens are there in the field fighting and leading the fight to topple the monster, a monster known for his cruelty in the past two years. I don’t think we Ethiopians are less zealous and less deserving of freedom. Hibernation and avoidance will totally immerse our nation into a complete cataclysm from where any form of resurrection would be impossible.  Today, you may be in good condition abroad; but, how about tomorrow? Have you ever thought of the fate of your progenies? How far can we see into the future? A meter? 100 meters? A kilometer? Hundreds and thousands of kilometers? Where are we? What are we? What did Shakespeare mean when he said “to be or not to be?” Who said this – ‘when tummies bulge out, heads shrink.’? Wherever we are, let’s sit down and have sober time to think what to do.

People of such group are victims of either ethnic ties or religious affiliation. They believe they are different and want to impose their difference to be the predominant feature upon the majority. If they feel insecure, it means the Pandora’s Box is open; Armageddon is about to surface. It is a time for them to say ‘after me the deluge’, like an Ethiopian donkey, in our folklore, says, “enie kemotku serdo aybkel.’[After my death, let no grass grow.] That is what is happening in Syria, in Ethiopia, in Iraq, in almost all nations where there are various ethnic groupings and religious factions whose motto is “Mine is better than yours.” – Shia – Sunni – Orthodox Christian –  Catholic – Lutheran – Evangelical – Buddhist – Hindu – what have you – “The grain is one type but the maids that deal with it are twelve.”

Look! Syria’s Bashir Al Assad is more important than Syria and her 20 million people along with their common history of centuries, in the same fashion the TPLFites are more precious and indispensable than the 85+ million people of Ethiopia. The sustenance of political power and economic supremacy over the majority of the 12% Alawites  in  Syria is worth the perdition of the entire nation. This is the irony of world history and ethnocentric selfishness and/or religious sectarianism. Blind people leading the blind planet; an object of laughter and astonishment in the entire universe wherein so many other civilized creatures are believed to co-exist in this unsigned inter-galactic confederation.

In Ethiopia, the situation is far worse than in Syria. The difference is that Syrians have reached the level of ‘enough is enough’ while in Ethiopia such determination is temporarily out of the scene due to a number of reasons amongst which poverty and, to a certain extent, the  deviously contrived satanic divide and rule system of the ethnocentric junta  are mentionable. You can add some other oriental or occidental factors, if you like. The most interesting thing here is, thanks to Mr. History’s lesson, fair judgment will be meted out and everyone will be receiving what they deserve. That is why I am always justifiably keen to say ‘the blind are in the lead’ to mean they are myopic to the extent of failing to see what has happened in the past to their predecessors. We have to remember that whatever we do has a boomeranging effect; the farthest we throw our spear, the nearest it lands so that we are within the range of the retribution we deserve. ‘You spit upwards, you will get your own saliva soon on your face.’ There is no free kick. You kick out someone today, you will be kicked out by someone tomorrow. What anything else do you expect? And what is new? Nothing, unless we are deceived by our sense organs, which may fool us by distorting our perception, as for example, our eyes could dupe us by making us believe a rod of explosive to ‘be’ a piece of soap.

The authorities of the world need to do something if we want to lead peaceful life. As a recommendation, I would like to suggest that all the chairs of this world, chairs of VIPs I mean, should be ‘splashed with holy waters’ from the Shenkora Yohanes of Ethiopia or from that of the French town of Lourdes which is named after St. Mary; if this doesn’t work, let them be debugged or formatted and reconfigured like a computer full of viruses.  What else can we possibly do?

In Ethiopia, most probably like in Syria, almost everything belongs to the Tigrians.  You are absolutely right if you say now, just at this very moment, that death and every sort of suffering and migration and helplessness and unemployment and layoffs and what have you in the stock of Mr. Devil go to non-Tigrians. [Will it be a crime if I tell the absolute truth? Will anybody liken me with the Rwandan version of ‘kill the cockroaches’ kind of preaching? Don’t be wrong! I am simply telling you what is happening in my country where, on the rung of citizenship,  I belong to the last one  somewhere below the dogs, if dogs have citizenship, or I am not at all considered as citizen by the Tigrian junta. And most of all, except in rarest exceptions, I do not believe in killing.]

You can simply understand that a certain shop or supermarket in Ethiopia belongs to a Tigrian, let me edit this clause please, – belongs to a Tigrian who doesn’t at least oppose the ruling Tigrian banditry, if you can interpret messages conveyed through paralanguage and circumstantial phenomena. You do not need the help of words or explainers with this respect to identify which institution or firm or enterprise or houses and homes, if you like, belong to whom; these neuters speak themselves loudly. The shops of non-Tigrians are always under supervision, struck by lack of a new arrival of commodities, and situated at marketwise non-attracting areas; the security are there, the customs and tax people are there to incriminate in case any tax evasion occurs even at times intrigues are devised or prefabricated to jail opponents or non-Tigrian competitors so that they remain down the ladder of wealth, for the Woyannes are suspicious of others’ prosperity in case they ‘misuse’ their money for subversive acts. For fear of such potential incidents, non-Tigrians are always under control, their body, their family, their money, their property, their day –to –day activity/movement, their soul and mind in general is in prison though it seems they are at large; I guess even their thoughts and dreams are under electronic surveillance, thanks to these Chinese rats. The shops of Tigrians on the other hand flourish day by day while those of others diminish and finally get closed due to the discriminatory laws and lack of conducive conditions to get along with the Tigrian merchants. (For instance, the rental fee assigned by the government to the non-Tigrian is ineffably expensive when compared with that of the first citizen.) All offices fairly and timely entertain Tigrians because it is ‘their right to secure such luxury after they and their children fought for 17 years with the Dergue regime’.  All the best in the country is consensually declared to the Tigrians; mind you, not all Tigrians are beneficiaries of this roguish ethnic mafia. Being a Tigre alone may not help achieve your whims; one needs to be more active, more Woyanne even than the veterans, more anti-Ethiopian,… to get themselves in the hub of the hedonistic debauchery; so long as one chooses to be brainless, this chance is also open to others. If you are a new comer, your common sense realizes all this fact as soon as one of your feet comes out of the plane at Bole International Airport. To deny this is tantamount to deny the self. At this crooked conjuncture of historical time, it is no wonder if non-Tigrians feel as if they are the nth citizens to whom almost all offices of the ethnocentric government are padlocked, or made ajar with the help of Mr. Money. As an observer, as a real human and humane observer, you may lament thinking the ugliest situation Ethiopianness has brought about upon Ethiopians.

It is my sincere conviction that all this has happened upon us so that we can learn, through learning we can grow, as a result of our experiential growth, we can reach a refined level of human development wherein our consciousness will have the composition of and an alignment with a real human entity which will have been free of blinding carnal desires that cause pyrrhic conflicts like the ones we are witnessing now.

Let us wade for some time in our marshy social and political problems. Almost all state offices are held by Tigrians or Tigre-controlling puppets from other tribes. If you see an industry under construction, feel free to assume it is an asset of a Tigrian(s). If you see 10 officials on TV screen speaking about certain issue(s), whose contents most often could be false or falsified data cooked by opportunist ‘scholars’ of the junta, you are safe to guess only 0.5% of them is non-Tigrian. If at all you see a non-Tigrian ‘official’ speaking on TV or elsewhere, or sleeping in the parliament for that matter, be sure that that person is condomic stature serving the Tigrian regime as a make-believe, so that the rest of the foolish world, the so called ‘International Community’ ‘understands’ that the Tigrians are generous enough to share the political power, and thereby interested groups try to convince their allies that their prescription to the country is working properly. By the way, I say the foolish world because it wanted to be called so. If we see an entity acting as a foolish while on the other hand it prettily understands the whole truth, call it foolish. The so called international community knows whether ‘a fly is a virgin or not’ or ‘whether a fly is right- handed or left-handed or even whether it is ambidextrous or not’ leave alone knowing what is happening in Ethiopia in reality. They are purposely enhancing such blind policy of ‘kill the righteous, empower the impious’ so much so that they are able to desecrate the shrines of sovereign nations. What will become of them when all this global saber-rattling gets a go-ahead instruction most probably very soon? Isn’t there such prediction, “They will be destroyed by the tools of their own making.”? The time is coming! Let’s empathize with the innocent, the children, and the old….

Tigrians are said to be 6% of the entire population in Ethiopia. But thanks to the west or the east or the north and the south, the Tigrians in the helm of power are freely galloping the 94% of the rest of the population; thanks to the resource they controlled, their influence can even go beyond the Ethiopian compromised borders as far as the peripheries of the globe. By the way, I am not opposing the galloping per se; I am opposing the way they are galloping, as the term itself derogatively conveys bad connotation. They have lost their rationality, their ingenuity, and all their senses by and large. They have metamorphosed themselves into a robotic mechanical being which is devoid of any human element other than eating, drinking, killing, and copulating. Maybe, at a generous estimate, 10% of the 6% Tigrian population in Ethiopia might be reasonable and feel the wound of their ill-fated non-Tigrian Ethiopians. I personally understand the agony these people are forced, by their conscience, of course, to have due to their benignly humanistic nature. People like Getachew Reda of ethiosemay.com is worth mentioning here as an example of good Tigrian Ethiopians who are out of the foul play with respect to ethnic gambling. Well, I should have mentioned some more names but I shall be reserved for various reasons.

A beginning has an end.

You may know something about apartheid; you may know something about the genocidal holocaust in Germany on Jews by the Gestapo, you might have heard about the Armenians, the Rwandans, Cambodians, Chileans, etc. the genocide and the suffering of all of which is registered in world history and made known to generations. But who cared for the genocide that took place in Ethiopia in the past 38 years by the west sponsored TPLFites? Who is going to take the blame for the murder, eviction, ethnic cleansing, and impoverishment … of especially the Amharas by this junta of TPLF here in Ethiopia? Who paved the way for these narrow nationalists of the Tigrian bandits to come to the palace and miraculously do all these crimes against humanity?  Why is their crime covered? Aren’t we human beings? Why do the major media institutions including Aljazeera, as to me the voice of the voiceless, ignore our major affairs to report? Is it because we don’t have fuel? Is it because we are not white or yellow? Is it because our souls are inferior to theirs? Is it because we have an envying rich historical background mainly due to our victory over European expansionists? What is the secret behind? Is an Ethiopian soul lighter than the soul of, for example, a royal dog in UK? What an idiocy is it? I tell you the truth: if the crimes of Adolf Hitler and other brutal children of this world are summed up, the summative effect of those historical evils is like a drop in an ocean when compared to the crime of the TPLF, provided we Ethiopians are reckoned as human beings. In the first place, those historical beasts like Hitler had a short span of time to commit the crimes they had committed. Some atrocities took place in shorter durations, though painful, like for example, the Rwandan genocide took place within three months. But when we see the crimes committed and being committed by the Woyanne, it is beyond imagination and the time is edging to be almost forty years including their jungle life. You can calculate how many millions of people, especially the Amharas, might have been sacrificed to quench the blood thirst of the gods and goddesses of these Mafiosi.

I shall leave you with a big question. Who will emancipate Ethiopia from these dragons? And when?

God bless Ethiopia,

God bless the world.









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