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The Urgent Need for Action: Human Rights Watch Calls on the US Government to Prioritize Human Rights

May 30, 2024

To the UN, the US Government, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch:

SOS! Distress Call! Amhara Genocide Emergency!

The United Nations,

The government of the United States of America,

The European Union,

The Government of the Federation of Russia,

The government of The Peoples’ Republic of China,

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch.


“For whom the bell Tolls”

SOS; Emergency on the continued Genocide on Amhara.

The genocidal war unleashed on the Amhara population by the Oromo leader, Abiy Ahmed Ali has been misconstrued as a war of “law enforcement” for a while. Now is the time to inform the world the truth about the War on Amhara. The open truth, the Oromumma elite led by Abiy Ahmed and Shimelis Abdissa hid from the international community must be boldly told to the civilized governments and humanitarian institutions.

Ever since the migration of formerly the Galla tribe (currently call themselves Oromo), regardless of the opportunities offered them to integrate with the rest of Ethiopian citizens, they never made the effort to live in peace with the indigenous established Ethiopians. Instead, they chose to undermine the sovereignty and national integrity of the nation. The track they chose have been to fabricate anti- Amhara, anti-Ethiopia propaganda for decades, infusing false historical narratives that led to unlimited hatred for several decades. As a result of the Oromo elites extremist political

Stance, they have come to execute the longstanding strategy of carving out a country out of Ethiopia. This is tantamount to dismantle Ethiopia and unprecedently destabilize the region and beyond the Horn of Africa.

To make their strategy practical, the Oromos organized themselves for years until they got the chance to grab the state power. That opportunity realized to them when the whole Ethiopians fall to the shenanigan of Abiy Ahemed in 2018. Of all the citizens the Amhara people came out en masse to support Abiy regardless of his ethnic identity. For many, time lately revealed the true intents of the Oromos. They determined that the Amhara people will stand a staunch resistance against the Oromo cessation towards creating unstable region. To counter their assumed Amhara resistance, they collectively decided to first disarm Amhara, private individuals, the traditionally armed Fano group, and the regional special force. That plan was exercised on the ground under the guise of “Law enforcement”. The only people forced to totally disarm was Amhara. Other regional states special forces including the huge force of the Oromos were intact to date. The grand plan was to eliminate the “unarmed ” Amhara people. The sham law enforcement was to hoodwink the world community, to disguise and give it a semblance of “legality” to commit limitless genocide on Amhara.


This SOS is a call to the world community to come to grips of the real  purpose of the War on Amhara: Genocide!

For over a year, the regular defense force and recruited militias were sent to the Amhara region to mercilessly massacre civilians without discrimination, church worshippers, etc. As it is clear by now Abiy’s armed force is in tatters, incapable of winning the Amhara Fano. Abiy is now desperate. While he proclaims to be peace lover to the world, In the last few days an estimated 120,000 newly “trained” soldiers including under ages are transported to the Amhara region by busses. Another batch of soldiers are flown to the Amhara region using the Ethiopian Airlines, violating ICAO’s laws (using civil airplane for military purposes).

As if the Genocide is not enough, Instructed by Abiy Ahmed, his protegee Shimelis Abdisa declared a nonstop genocide on Amhara. His speech in Oromo language to select Oromos at Illili hotel is posted below. The Declaration of Shimelis Abdissa in his words in Oromo tongue. https://t.me/Habzema21/2302


The script was translated from oromo to Amharic as an exhibit. In Amharic:


“ገና አንድ ሚሊዮን ተጨማሪ ኦሮሞ እናስታጥቃለን”   ( “We will yet train and arm a million oromos to destroy Amhara)

********************************** //

ነፍጠኛን እንዲቀጣ አንድ ሚሊዮን ቄሮና ቀሬን አስታጥቀን ወደ አባይ ማዶ እንልካለን: አሁን ወደ ጎጃምና ጎንደር የምንልከው ቄሮ እንደ 2008ቱ  ዱላና ዲንጋይ የያዘ ሳይሆን ዘመናዊ መሳሪያን የታጠቀ ነው: አሁን የጦር  ጀቷና ድሮንም የቄሮ ናት::  ነፍጠኛ ትናንት ወሎን ፊንፊኔንና አዳማን የኔ አደርጋለሁ ብሎ ይመኝ ነበር: አሁን ግን እባካችሁ ባህር ዳርንና ጎንደርን አስተርፉልኝ ሁኗል እለቅሶው:: ደብረብርሀንማ ድሮም የእሱ እንደማይሆን ያውቃል ቢመኝም አያገኘውም:: አሁን እናንተ በርትታችሁ አበርቱን የውስጥ የቤት ስራችሁን ስሩልን: ትምክህተኛውን ለእኛ ተውልን የፖለቲካ ተሳትፎው ከኛንጋቶና የም ብሄረሰብ ያነሰ ሚና እስከማይኖረው አድርገን እንቀጣዋለን: በአገልግሎት  ዘርፍም ልክ እንደ ቻይናና የውጭ  ዜጋ በክፍያ ነው ምናስተናግደው : እመኑን ድጋሜ ኦሮሞን እንዳይንቅ እንዲያከብርና እንዲፈራ አድርገን ሰብረነዋል ገናም እንሰብረዋለን:: አቶ ሽመልስ አብዲሳ ቅዳሜ ምሽት በኢሊሊ ሆቴል በተደረገው የኦሮሞ ባለ ሀብቶችና ወጣት ተፅኖ  ፈጣሪወች በኦሮሞኛ ያስተላለፉት መልዕክት ትርጉም::


In Oromugna:

“Oromoo miliyoona tokko hidhachiifna.”

Nafxanyaa adabuuf qeeroo miliyoona tokko Hidhannoo hidhachisne Gara laga Abbayyaa gama biraatti ni ergina .Amma qeroo garaa Gojam fi Gondar erginu kun akka bara 2008 ulee fi dhagaa qabate osoo hin taane, meeshaalee ammayyaa kan hidhatee dha .Amma jeettiiwwan waraanaa fi dirooniin kan qeerooti.

Nafxanyaan kaleessa Walloo, Finfinee fi Adaamaa hawwaa ture, amma garuu mee Bahar Daarii fi Gondar naaf kennaa jecha jiraa. Debrebrhan kan isaan akka hin taane beekan, yoo barbaadni illee akka hin arganne beeku .Amma isin Jebadhaa Nu Jebesaa . Hojii manaa keessaa keessan nuuf hojjedhaa.Of tuultuu nuuf dhiisaa . Nafxanyan gatona fi Sabaa yami irraa Gahee xiqqaa akkaa qabaatu gonee Isa adabnee cabsina.


Oboo Shimels Abdisaa Dilbata galgala Hoteela Ililiitti Ergaa walgahii dureeyyii Oromoo fi dargaggoota dhiibbaa uumaan irrattii dabarsan

Abiy Ahmed and the Oromo Elite have no intent to stop Amhara Genocide. He has reversed his rhetoric of terminating the emergency declaration. He is marching forward in his criminal engagement. The gruesome genocide is declared to continue. It is now unfolding in Ethiopia’s Amhara people. Ethiopia is a country of nearly 130 million people and any major war such as the current genocidal war will bring about regional political and economic instability. Left unchecked by international powers, the genocide perpetrated by Abiy and Shimeles are more than likely to have far-reaching and disastrous consequences for East Africa, (the Horn of Africa), and the whole of Africa. The ramifications of the genocide staged by Abiy led Oromos seriously brings humanitarian and immigration crisis and fosters the spread of Terrorism.


The drums of war have been sounded! Mercenary soldiers are being transported and unloaded on Amhara Region.  Abiy’s and Shimeles’ mercenaries are known for massacring civilians, Rape young girls and women, and plunder are their other hallmarks!

We ask the world community especially the powers addressed above to address and investigate the ongoing Amhara Genocide. The Bulwark of the stability of The Horn of Africa was for years sustained for Amhara took the brunt of destabilizers in the region. The regional stability is in danger because of Abiy Ahmed and the elites who are enabling him.


Justice to the Amhara Genocide Victims, Freedom to the oppressed!

Democracy to Peace loving Ethiopian Citizens!



  1. I hope someone will pull this official aside and give him some serious counseling if he really said this. Please note that there are many others including Amharas, Afars, Tigres, Somalis, Sidamas, Gambelas and more than 80 ethnic groups that have officials in higher positions and including the parliament that will not just sit aside and watch someone among them calling for decimating a group of people. Oromos in their majority will not support the massacre of their neighbors. But someone should give this hot headed young man a serious advice.

    But I am not surprised by him making outrageous speech. . I remember what he said when USA was contemplating imposing traveling restrictions and other sanctions on certain government officials. He said something to the effect telling USA to take its pest riddled wheat and stick it. Mind you that very wheat from USA had saved millions of lives during the 1984-85 famine and other similar calamities that followed. That was utterly uncalled for. Gudissa’s great-grandson the late Emperor Haile Selassie would never say that. Since his reign that country seems to have been pushed around by one punk rocker after another. That is a beggar being so ungrateful.

    He needs to be told to watch his loose lips.

  2. TO ITTU ABA FARDA – for the first time you criticise one of ABIYY`s right hand person this is a good start if you criticise ABIYE next time we can say this is a 360 degree turn for you.

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