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TPLF Terrorist forces take control of Lalibela

TPLF Terrorist group has taken control of the town of Lalibela in the neighbouring Amhara region. We ask Ann Fitz-Gerald from Balsillie School of International Affairs explains the significance of this for the humanitarian situation in Ethiopia.


  1. This is a mess of their supporters who aggravate the situation and work day and night on fate of Ethiopia by snatching the poor Ethiopian dollars and scarce resources for decays. Now there is no ways to impose on people of Ethiopia.

    However, the best solution to end the conflict shall be the government of US and other supporters to Hands off on Ethiopia and make accountable to rebellion & terrorist group, TPLF and further sue this junta in international criminal court whereas all other statements issued by US Administration and their affiliate’s medias don’t bring any route solution to Ethiopia except with escalating the situation.

    As soon as possible Ethiopia government has to end the war as taking time will not be good and escalates the situation besides make a good opportunities to rebellion TPLF and its allies.

    Long live to Ethiopia!!

  2. You biased media and propagandist in stead of advocating by saying “Tigray People’s Liberation Front has taken control of the town of Lalibela.” Why not condemn by saying like Rebellion & Terrorist group has taken control of the town of Lalibela. If you real and if truth prevails you have to say like this and condemn this group to sue in International criminal court. UNESCO & UN council, why you kept silent as the terrorist group make a sabotage on this historical heritage. This has been a right way for those propagandist group instead of escalating.

    Truth and fairness never fell at all.

  3. Amharas, Show your Force claims “Amhara must learn how to be cruel and merciless just like TPLF/ISIS” , but amhara is known for cruelty and barbaric killings of children and mothers including religious people in their own home in Tigray .

    Who is gonna teach you how to kill but known to be killers
    Amhara elites donot need anyone to teach them to become genociders it is in their blood inherited from their forefathers.

  4. Subject: “Tigrayan Rebellion Terrorist forces take control of Lalibela” , August 6, 2021

    Humble Question:
    Was This Act Necessary in the NAME of Tigray?!?!?
    Recalling the history of Tigray in relation to its eternal relationship in/ to ETHIOPIA. makes one wonder the necessity of wanton vulgarism of action
    One can’t help wondering about great Tigrayans like Emperor Yohannes and Ras Allula etc etc etc
    For heaven’s sake, what is the rational point of the wanton destruction of a whole country?
    Let us go a little deeper: Is it the wanton destruction of/for the benefit of AN INDIVIDUAL for self-benefit as we have seen it over and over? In this case, there is an ironclad reason to believe so. After all, in any case, if it happens in other parts of the WORLD why can’t it also happen in Tigray?. Please, just go over your mind within our beautiful Africa and come face to face with obvious glaring examples. THE END, WITH SADNESS.

  5. Breaking news
    Gonder captured few seconds ago and Fasil Ghebbi (the fortress of Fasiledes) is now under the control of Mighty TDF.

    Prof Dr lifit Rezen is good at boot-licking and he and Ittu Obbo Frada, oromo goon, are badly working for genociders, PP and Amahara being boot-lickers.

  6. This has all the Hallmark of PP back deals behind the Ethiopian people.I believe these so called tactical retreats are more about who will have the Raya corridor either the Amhara region or Oromia region. I would not be surprised if the PP Amahara have submitted to PP Oromia by abandoning the corridor so either PP Oromia or TPLF to take. PP Oromia hawks have been bragging on taking Raya corridor during the November offensive. So I would not be surprised if these is another of their gamble or Kumar. I do not understand bwhen people will wake up and destroyTPLF and all the ethnic leeches that the west have imposed on Ethiopians. It is just a matter of organization and determination only after that God will be with them as they are the righteous one that are fighting for their own survival.

  7. The International Community must speak out and tell TPLF Terrorist to leave the Holy Place and World Heritage Lalibela, Amhara City!!!!!

    Amharas are God fearing, forgiving and humble people. But TPLF Terrorist are the exact opposite. So Amharas must learn and adapt to changes. Cruel TPLF Terrorist families and children are thought to kill Amhara, destroy and hate Ethiopia unless they are the only one controlling power and resources by brutally murdering Ethiopians who wants to share power and the resources. Therefore Amharas must stay put in their homes and neighborhood armed and prepared to attack before being attacked by the TPLF Terrorists. They are coming to kill so take any necessary action to mute that attack!!!!!

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