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Thousands of Ethiopians flock to Durban for a meeting with Dr Birhanu Nega

August 11, 2013

The Horn Times Newsletter 11 August 2013

South Africa:

Report compiled by Getahune Bekele-Durban, South Africa.

“Tesmamto Yalebet Eslam Christiyanu

Revered academic and politician Dr Birhanu Nega, the man who won the 2005 Ethiopian election, which the dead tyrant Meles Zenawi stole.

Tezenegash ende Ethiopia mehonu…..”  The song the colorful Ethiopian crowd is currently singing aloud, as thousands of refugees from all occupations, Muslims and Christians begin flocking to the South African port city of Durban for tonight’s extraordinary meeting with their heroic opposition party leader, his Excellency Dr Birhanu Nega via video link at the magnificent Sun Coast Casino conference hall.

According to the organizing Bête-Ethiopia committee spokesperson, the iconic dissident artist/activist Tamagne Beyene and respected spiritual leader Sheik imam Khalid Omar will also speak to the participants via Skype from the US.

However, with their country in turmoil and with the ruling minority junta quickly transforming itself into a killing machine, most refugees the Horn times spoke to appeared very keen to hear what the patriotic academic will have to say on critical issues the nation of 80 million is facing.

“Dr (Birhanu) is an intelligent and street-smart individual with great savoir-faire to be the leader of a proud nation like Ethiopia. For the past decade, my soul searched for a patriotic leader to follow and found one in him. Personally, he is my commander- in- chief. He is fearless, hawkish, and pragmatic; above all, he is an incomparable patriot. The hope of the nation rests on his shoulders. Dear Dr Birhanu, please know that we love you.” Alemeshet Bekele, 24, a refugee in South Africa for 6 years told the Horn Times in Durban.

“Am a proud member of Ginbot-7 political party. Only Ginbot-7 represents the dreams and aspirations of the people of Ethiopia. I urge all Ethiopians to join this unique party to avoid fragmenting the opposition. The ruling junta fears Ginbot-7 because of its popularity and its firm stance on human rights and human dignity.” The philosophical young man added while his boisterous friends clad in the national flag shouted “viva Birhanu Nega!”, “viva Ginbot-7!”, “viva Ethiopian Muslims!”

“I have a bona fide offer for puppet Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.” Another young man, Samuel Alemu cuts in. “quit and flee.” He said to the loud cheer of his friends.

“We are less than four hours before the meeting starts. Look at the popularity of this larger- than- life character Dr Birhanu Nega.  His undimmed pulling power has not fade a bit since 2005 when he made that famous clean sweep of votes in the national elections. We are very eager to hear his plan for the future. The direction his party would take to end the bondage of slavery in Ethiopia will be very crucial for us. Am a bit tense.” Said a 47-year-old chartered accountant who requested anonymity.


The meeting is scheduled to start at 5:30 pm.



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