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The west and its terror against Africans, specifically on Ethiopia

November 22, 2021
Tesfaye Yigzaw

The old slave trade is presently being transformed with the scheme of neocolonialism. In this renewed system “house slaves” are recruited among African leaders, and diaspora individuals willing to bow down for imperialist colonizers to serve western interests. The west hauled humans and precious resources out of Africa, and slaves were treated below humanity for hundreds of years. Slave trade lasted for so long, and it was legally ended but not ceased and has been transformed in a new arrangement.

The current war in Ethiopia has this depiction. Every Africans, African origins and non-African origins must understand that this is not a war of internal conflicts restricted to Ethiopia. It has a broader acumen. For a background, the west never wants Africans to independently function in its internal affairs either politics as well as to be reliant of its own economy because they want Africans under extreme poverty so that they able to extract raw materials. In the past, many vibrant, visioner African leaders, capable of transforming Africans to new era were assassinated. The west supported a long-time freedom fighter Nelson Mandela to stay imprisoned for years. Upon his release he never appreciated the west during a public speech he had given on his visit to the USA by Ted, on ABC news. He was rather tankful those countries that the west called evil states or undemocratic.

The west lags behind understanding the advancement of human intellects. They still think the world where it was hundreds years back. That era is over. Diplomatic relations among countries are basically, in clear term depend on a mutual agreement based on respect not bulling or coerce another country. The current situation in Ethiopia, a new leadership of Abiy Ahmed, a young and an independent minded, unwilling to serve un mutual western interest came to power few years ago, after earthshaking revolt by Ethiopians that toppled the terrorist Tigray People Liberation Front. The west knew very well TPLF is a terrorist and a criminal group from its inceptions. So, why the west has supported TPLF? Here, we have two situations. Tigray People Liberation Front is a servant or “house slaves” of the west and a country known as a terror campground called Egypt. Ethiopians proved to be self-reliant and are independently building The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The former president of the USA called Egypt to “bomb” the dam after Ethiopia rejected his submissive proposal in favor of Egypt. It is the most embarrassing statements from a country that assumed itself to be a world leader. Such statements should not be expected from any leader, not even from a layman. Subsequently, his “favorite dictator” Egyptian president Sisi has had beating up a war drum, said “the whole region would be a war zone”, and manipulating the “banana republic” known as Sudan to facilitate Tigray People Liberation Front transport weapons and logistics. I am sure, there is no prospect for Tigray People Liberation Front to return to power in Ethiopia. I sympathize with children, and elders TPLF employed as cannon folders on the warfronts.

I strongly believe, no human being with rightful mind would forgive TPLF for its horrific terror, not only soldiers murder on their asleep, beyond that the rape and murder of elders, women, and children. The carnage of livestock, and nomads’ sheep, goats, camels. I can say, TPLF members IQ is below of those animals it exterminated.

Western Media outlets is a strategy of new twenty first century colonizers, instruments to spread “fake news” terror around the world. CNN, AFP, Aljazeera, BBC, etc. are the barking dogs of the west to spread fear and panic with untruthful reports. Every African country must shut down all western media, Abraham Lincoln closed all newspapers during the American civil war, therefore and immediately, Ethiopia must take same actions.

Humanitarian assistants is the most blessing to help those in need, however, donation of aids such as cereals and few cash money should not be used for political and religious purpose and instruments for west to keep Africans stay underdeveloped.

United Nations, IMF, and World Bank are all international organizations fully controlled by Western countries. These organizations serve the interest of west to keep Africa under poverty, instigating conflicts, and war in the continent. The small country in Europe, for example Ireland has more power to influence world affairs than the whole African continent. Why? The west interest is not only economic and political dominancy, beside to that, in fact, their interest is cultural influence such as spread gay and lesbian values. Obama’s speech in Nairobi, Kenya rebuked by Christian leaders was a good example.

1 thought on “The west and its terror against Africans, specifically on Ethiopia”

  1. Subject: “The west and its terror against Africans, specifically on Ethiopia”, by Tesfaye Yigzaw, November 22, 2021, ZEHABESHA NOVEMBER 23, 2021

    Humble Reaction
    QUOTE: “The old slave trade is presently being transformed with the scheme of neocolonialism.”UNQUOTE. You said it ALL. Once in blood, it remains in blood until natural decision takes over as part of its agenda of LIFE.

    What is shocking and unbelievable is that a BLACK RACE becomes part and parcel of a WHITE RACE to be against a Black RACE to DEATH!?!? WOW! WOW! WOW! Can one imagine the White Race being Against a White Race [example: Great Britain VS the Marvellous WHITE RACE USA ] in favour of a Black Race?!?! NO > NO> NO > it cannot be. Can it??? The subject matter mentioned above said so. THE END = “ MUM’”

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