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The United States’ Stance on Merawi Mascare: Promoting Peace Through Dialogue in Ethiopia

The United States condemns violence against civilians. We stand ready to support peaceful dialogue aimed at resolving Ethiopia’s complex challenges.

1 thought on “The United States’ Stance on Merawi Mascare: Promoting Peace Through Dialogue in Ethiopia”

  1. I second this call by the EU for an independent investigation into these savage killings and bring those responsible to court. I am already saddened to see Oromos killing Oromos in Oromia and in Wallagaa in particular. The civilians there are being victimized both by the ruffians roaming the bushes there and by the militias of the regional government. The gangsters of Shane come into town at night and drag every Oromo they think is the government collaborator/spy and butcher him/her in the most barbaric way. Then when the sun rises, the members of the region’s militia will go house to house killing anyone they suspect to be a supporter/member of the rogues in the bushes. I am equally disheartened to hear the same cycle of retributions is taking place in the Amhara region with the perpetrators of both sides being Amharas.

    Tadesse is not the one killing Oromos in Wallagaa. Tumsaa is not the one killing Amhara civilians in Amhara region. This validates and justifies my assertion that armed groups never did and will never bring or even help bring democratic governance once and if they achieve total victory. That is not in their proforma or their bill of lading from the outset. Prone to choose violence is the one that takes them to the bushes and they will bring that with them when they roll into town. I have been challenging you to give me one example that was otherwise since the American Revolution of 1776 and I am sure there are none in modern history. Don’t even think about Vietnam! Don’t start with me about commies! What the commies did was senselessly sacrifice more than 3 million of their citizens just to come back to Good Ole USA pleading with ‘Please save my red behind because China is about to kick my ass! Also we don’t have any idea how to create jobs for our working age citizens and I beg you to come in and open factories’ To make it so convenient for you, I want you to look around the region where our old country is located and look around. Just look around! I better stop here before some cadres and paid up dudes start jumping on me!!!

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